DO NOT insult other clans, players, and especially members of this clan.
DO NOT excessive spam in clan chat. Repeated posts, begging, and excessive use of caps will not be tolerated.  If you want something, offer a trade.
DO NOT excessive use of inappropriate language in clan chat. Keep in mind we have members who are much younger than you.
DO NOT resolve your issue in clan chat. If you have an issue with another clan member(s), let a Megalodon(Warlord) or Great White(General) know or talk it out within squad chat.
DO NOT spam random invites to clan members who didn't agree with joining your mission. If you want to invite someone, then ask them first.
DO NOT AFK in our clan dojo. Many glitches and issues arise within the dojo when the host is idle.
• If you are not online for 30 days you will be kicked for inactivity (35 days for Tiger Sharks; 40 days for Hammerhead Sharks). For readmission, post on our Warframe Recruitment Thread.

"3 Strikes and You're Out!" Policy: Break the rules 3 times and we will be forced to exile you from the clan. Officers will be demoted after their 2nd strike.

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Recuitment threads:
Official Forum:  https://forums.warframe.c ... asualcompleted-dojo/
Warframe Wiki:  http://warframe.wikia.com ... /wiki/Thread:634074
Steam Group:  http://steamcommunity.com ... acesharkincorporated
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6 hours ago Dikkimies replied to the topic Promotions: Tiger or Hammerhead Shark
Promotions all around
1 day ago AAZZAZZEELL replied to the topic Going Away Thread
Sudden notice for my on job training, its gonna be 18 months but ill try to onli...
2 days ago Channington replied to the topic Going Away Thread
going away on Saturday for 3 weeks on holiday so will be back around late august
2 days ago Kleetgard
Just recently came back for update, looking to get back in if any spots left in the clan, BTW LEGENDSNEVERDIE!!!!!!
3 days ago Kastorius replied to the topic Random Pictures
australia.png http://puu.sh/q867O/48efe058c3.png
Chat Box
PineAppleSprite 21st Jul
rip le lenny
PineAppleSprite 21st Jul
oh no
PineAppleSprite 21st Jul
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
tlk742 19th Jul
no problem, glad to have you back
Donnell 19th Jul
thanks tlk :3
tlk742 19th Jul
Donnell 19th Jul
Hey fellas, to save me starting a whole new thread: can someone reinvite me back into the clan? I moved house :> IGN: Donnell . Thank you~
PineAppleSprite 19th Jul
so much purple
Lord Of Erebus 18th Jul
Mmmmm gimme dat purple.
SSI_MCSkittlez 18th Jul
sexy purple
Shiditso 18th Jul
@Bal: I'm still waiting...
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