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Do you like Warframe?
Do you like teaming up on missions?
Do you consider yourself an awesome person?
Do you want to be part of an awesome and growing community?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then Space Shark Incorporated is right for you.

Space Sharks are deadliest in space, because sound doesn't travel in space.
Why is this a threat? Because you cannot hear the Jaws theme in space, meaning you will not know when we strike.

Goal of Space Sharks Incorporated:
To be a fun-loving group of bloodthirsty Space Sharks.

We are a casual Moon Clan (1000 members cap)

We got 1st place on Operation Arid Fear (1. 33113, Space Shark Incorporated)

We got 2nd place on Operation Sling-Stone (2. 100744, Space Shark Incorporated)

Consistently in the Top 15 Moon Clans in every event.

Dojo Status: Everything has been built and researched.

Warframe Recruitment Thread:  https://forums.warframe.com/in ... asualcompleted-dojo/

Steam Group:  http://steamcommunity.com/grou ... acesharkincorporated

RaidCall ID: 6108819

  • DO NOT insult other clans, players, and especially members of this clan.
  • DO NOT spam in clan chat. Repeat posts, begging, and excessive use of caps will not be tolerated.
  • DO NOT use excessive cursing and inappropriate language are not allowed. Keep in mind we got members who are much younger than you.
  • DO NOT resolve your issue in clan chat. If you have an issue with another clan member(s) let a Megalodon(Warlord) or Great White(General) know or talk it out within squad chat. 
  • DO NOT AFK in our clan dojo. Causes many glitches and issues within the dojo when the host is idle.
  • If you are not online for 30 days you will be kicked for inactivity. For readmission, post on our Warframe Recruitment Thread.

"3 Strikes and You're Out!" Policy: Break 3 of these rules and we will be forced to exile you from the clan. Officers will be demoted after their 2nd strike.
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6 minutes ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic Random Jokes.
what kind of train eats too much? a chew chew train #ineedfriends...
24 minutes ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic New batch of augment mods (?)
... its the best of the crap tbh. Some other frames need more love
3 hours ago Balerion84 replied to the topic New batch of augment mods (?)
well, I agree that the loki augment is weak, but I wouldn't exactly call it wort...
5 hours ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic Random Pictures.
um cash... incognito doesnt work when forum'ing...
7 hours ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic Chibi Avatar Maker
... oooooooooh! it all makes sense now :3 reserved for my chibi
Chat Box
nephilm 28th Jan
but imagine it on the oculus rift
IxaoEclipse 28th Jan
It wouldnt work with an Oculus though...only camera movement is looking down at the monitors
Doforcash 28th Jan
i'll pass it (/=.=)/ *shot magic* ~~~~~~~~~ *burn FNAF*
SSI_DaddySlimer 28th Jan
I have FNAF and just didn't get it. Does this pass as a game?
Zicos 28th Jan
Oh god, I can imagin the possibility of people playing FNAF and FNAF2... Would be perfect with a face camera too xD
LegendsCreed 28th Jan
(five nights at freddies)
LegendsCreed 28th Jan
nephilm 27th Jan
Sir just wait until FnaF for the Oculus rift
Socondor 27th Jan
look nice, i got an Oculus at home, anyone up for it? http://youtu.be/SM9s5cOKe8c
LegendsCreed 27th Jan
DarthReaper4500 26th Jan
mm my sis never told me about australia day and she lives there!
tlk742 26th Jan
SSI_DaddySlimer 26th Jan
9.33am and this party animal is going to go and celebrate Australia day.. somehow.
LegendsCreed 25th Jan
SicTurtle 25th Jan
Don't ask just party my friend! Here have a glass of snake poision.! ;D
LightningElektron 25th Jan
Am I allowed to celebrate Australia Day?
LegendsCreed 25th Jan
happy australia day sharkies!
LegendsCreed 25th Jan
and dafuq? sherwood forest is real...
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