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Space Sharks are deadliest in space, because sound doesn't travel in space.
Why is this a threat?
Because you cannot hear the Jaws theme in space, meaning you will not know when to swim away.

We have been described as a "cold-blooded clan" because sharks are cold-blooded animals (It's a joke/play on words).

This is the goal of Space Sharks Incorporated:
To be deadly like a shark in space, and yet have fun in a great environment.

Do you like Warframe?
Do you like teaming up on missions?
Do you consider yourself an awesome person?
Do you want to be part of an awesome and growing community?

If you answered yes, Space Shark Incorporated is right for you.

We are a casual Moon Clan (1000 members cap)

We got 1st place on Operation Arid Fear (1. 33113, Space Shark Incorporated)

We got 2nd place on Operation Sling-Stone (2. 100744, Space Shark Incorporated)

Consistently in the Top 15 Moon Clans in every event.

Dojo Status: Everything has been built (We also have completed all of the research).

We have a RaidCall voice chat system (The ID is 6108819)

Steam Group:  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Spacesharkincorporated

  • Do not insult other clans, players, or members of this clan.
  • Do not spam Clan Chat. Repeat posts, begging, and excessive use of caps will not be tolerated.
  • Excessive cursing and inappropriate behavior is not allowed. Keep in mind we got members who are much younger than you in this clan.
  • If you have an issue with another clan member(s) let a Megalodon(Warlord) or Great White(General) know or talk it out within squad chat. Seriously, don't use clan chat for confrontations. It's not cool and makes awkward situations for other members.
  • If you are not online for 30 days you are kicked for inactivity. For readmission, post here:
  • https://forums.warframe.com/in ... asualcompleted-dojo/
  • Do not AFK in the Clan Dojo. Causes many glitches and issues to happen within the dojo when the host is idle.

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1 hour ago nephilm replied to the topic *christmas*
lol http://i.imgur.com/u6BTAh8.jpg
1 hour ago nephilm replied to the topic Random Pictures.
here is something new http://i.imgur.com/H6YmijS.jpg
2 hours ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic *christmas*
such diversity.
2 hours ago LegendsCreed replied to the topic Random Pictures.
LOL chuck norris jokes are old man :/ we need fresh content
3 hours ago tlk742 replied to the topic *christmas*
Jew here. So for xmas I will actually be away doing my traditional movie and Ch...
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Chat Box
Death-Proxy 7:54 AM
Doforcash 7:53 AM
also, most interception map drop T4, so there's no need to dicuss much about this
Doforcash 7:52 AM
oh, do Interception at Sedna, the interception map there is smaller, which easier to control
Death-Proxy 7:42 AM
need advice where can we hit T4 sabotage key pls
Balerion84 7:38 AM
black energy color is great, use it on my loki to go completely invisible
SSI_DaddySlimer 7:30 AM
It actually seems so for ALL pugs and some clanmates. OK. How about this tip? Thin kit will take off? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naG5S3SuOR8
Balerion84 7:29 AM
that's too complicated slimer
Suit_Dude 17th Dec
PSA: Servers having problems at the moment, DE knows about it and they are working on it
SicTurtle 17th Dec
I seriously wanted to punch that voice, holy shiet... Usually I say talk mor english if you're not good at it... But this was too broken. Made me smile though.
ayugamex 17th Dec
The accent is fake, lore funny and comment about the "new" corpus correct imo
LegendsCreed 17th Dec
Doforcash 17th Dec
....i barely hear anything, but i think it's something about Stalker lore, correct ?
Doforcash 16th Dec
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eI50bJlqQc (lik if u cri everytme)
tlk742 16th Dec
Legends, I stickied your guide
SicTurtle 16th Dec
Legends, I have not had time yet to write to you atm. I will however when I can sit down peacefully nd not worry about work starting in one hour
nephilm 16th Dec
now to get soma PRIME
nephilm 16th Dec
welp good thing i didnt get soma or that would of been a waste of potato and forma
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