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Blessance's Daily Login Reward
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Blessance 30th Sep 2014

Joined: 6th Jun 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 26
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Hi sharks! I logged in today and did an inventory sweep and listed below are the prime parts I no longer need. I'll be giving these out for free, so do drop me a message here (or in game) with the parts you need. I'll limit it to 4 parts to a person per day - so hopefully, more people would be able to get the parts they need. Haha just think of this as a daily forum login reward! The numbers in the "[ ]" indicate the amount left of that particular item. I'll be updating this list daily.

Akbronco Prime Blueprints [2]
Akbronco Prime Link [7]
Ankyros Prime Blueprint [1]
Bo Prime Blueprint [2]
Bo Prime Ornaments [13]
Boar Prime Barrel [1]
Boar Prime Blueprints [11]
Boar Prime Stock [3]
Boar Prime Receiver [1]
Boltor Prime Stock [3]
Braton Prime Blueprints [5]
Braton Prime Stock [1]
Bronco Prime Barrel [6]
Bronco Prime Blueprint [2]
Bronco Prime Receiver [1]
Burston Prime Barrel [6]
Burston Prime Stock [3]
Burston Prime Receiver [3]
Dakra Prime Blade [7]
Dakra Prime Handle [9]
Ember Prime Helmet [8]
Ember Prime Systems [3]
Fang Prime Blade [5]
Fang Prime Blueprint [1]
Frost Prime Chassis [7]
Frost Prime Helmets [3]
Glaive Prime Blade [1]
Glaive Prime Blueprints [3]
Glaive Prime Disc [10]
Latron Prime Barrel [1]
Latron Prime Blueprint [1]
Latron Prime Stock [2]
Lex Prime Barrel [5] 
Lex Prime Blueprints [2]
Mag Prime Blueprints [6]
Mag Prime Chassis [12]
Nyx Prime Systems [1]
Orthos Prime Handle [3]
Paris Prime Lower Limb [10]
Paris Prime String [3]
Reaper Prime Handle [8]
Reaper Prime Blueprint [6]
Rhino Prime Chassis [11]
Rhino Prime Systems [12]
Sicarus Prime Barrel [15]
Sicarus Prime Blueprint [12]
Wyrm Prime Carapace [2]

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Last Edit: 18th Nov 2014 by Blessance
HDsniper 6th Nov 2014

Joined: 21st Oct 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 23
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is this all really free

not that i need anything
SSI_Guko 6th Nov 2014

Joined: 11th Oct 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 119
Likes 1

could you hold on to the nyx helmet for me

Giraffes. That is all.

tlk742 6th Nov 2014

Joined: 6th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 436
Likes 2

if no one wants the loki prime chassis, but if someone does give it to them

LordHelios438 7th Nov 2014

Joined: 3rd Nov 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 6
Likes 0

Ohhhh Can I get all the frost prime parts :3

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ALVIYAN 8th Nov 2014

Joined: 9th Sep 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 187
Likes 0

can I get the FANG PRIME handle?

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Athmossphere 9th Nov 2014

Joined: 9th Nov 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 1
Likes 0

Hi i'm rather new and would love to have my first prime frame! Is it too much to ask for the ember prime set?
SSI_Gleydar 9th Nov 2014

Joined: 9th Jun 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 139
Likes 0

I could need a Frost p Set. I should start building my t4 defens stuff


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Space_Nomad 9th Nov 2014

Joined: 11th Sep 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 34
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May I have the Burston Prime parts please?
Or do I want Boltor Prime...or maybe Frost Prime.

This is so hard to choose

C'mon think think think....

Yes I got it... Burston Prime parts

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Last Edit: 9th Nov 2014 by Space_Nomad
Lonah 10th Nov 2014

Joined: 14th Oct 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 14
Likes 0

If it's not too much trouble, could I get the Frost P set as well?
Blessance 12th Nov 2014

Joined: 6th Jun 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 26
Likes 0

Inventory has been updated! Listed above are all the available items for claim!

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We are the Legion of Nephilim 14th Nov 2014

Joined: 23rd Jul 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 219
Likes 0

Can I pls have:
rhino prime chassis
frost prime helmet
and braton prime blueprint

pretty pls

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rayfang4 25th Nov 2014

Joined: 25th Nov 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 5
Likes 0

I need 1 paris prime string :3
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