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Prime part Clearance
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Zicos 6th Dec 2014

Joined: 11th Apr 2014
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 80
Likes 1

Not trying to steal business from anyone COUGH COUGH but I have a list of prime part lying around rotting. So take a look and see if you need anything.
Most old prime parts that I have 10 or more I'll sell them for 2p. The newer prime parts will be 5~10p depending on how hard it is to get them.
Just give me a whisper in-game if you arn't sure of the price. 
IGN Zicos

Akbronco Prime Blueprint x 12
Akbronco Prime Link x 11

Ankyros Prime Blade x 3
Ankyros Prime Blueprint x 2
Ankyros Prime Gauntlet x 4

Bo Prime Blueprint x 7
Bo Prime Handle x 1
Bo Prime Ornament x 11

Boar Prime Barrel x 12
Boar Prime Blueprint x 12
Boar Prime Receiver x 16
Boar Prime Stock x 4

Boltor Prime Barrel x 11
Boltor Prime Blueprint x 1
Boltor Prime Receiver x 3
Boltor Prime Stock x 29

Braton Prime Barrel x 3
Braton Prime Blueprint x 18
Braton Prime Receiver x 2
Braton Prime Stock x 4

Bronco Prime Barrel x 4
Bronco Prime Blueprint x 8
Bronco Prime Receiver x 8

Burston Prime Barrel x 21
Burston Prime Blueprint x 0
Burston Prime Receiver x 3
Burston Prime Stock x 12

Dakra Prime Blade x 3
Dakra Prime Blueprint x 3
Dakra Prime Handle x 4

Ember Prime Blueprint x 2
Ember Prime Chassis x 8
Ember Prime Helmet x 12
Ember Prime System x 2

Fang Prime Blade x 2
Fang Prime Blueprint x 7

Frost Prime Blueprint x 10
Frost Prime Chassis x 12
Frost Prime Helmet x 13
Frost Prime System x 3

Glaive Prime Blade x 0
Glaive Prime Blueprint x 7
Glaive Prime Disc x 5

Hikou Prime Pouch x 1
Hikou Prime Star x 1

Latron Prime Barrel x 10
Latron Prime Blueprint x 14
Latron Prime Receiver x 9
Latron Prime Stock x 12

Lex Prime Receiver x 7

Loki Prime Blueprint x 3
Loki Prime System x 2

Mag Prime Blueprint x 26
Mag Prime Chassis x 35
Mag Prime Helmet x 12
Mag Prime System x 2

Nyx Prime System x 1

Orthos Prime Blade x 5
Orthos Prime Blueprint x 10
Orthos Prime Handle x 16

Paris Prime Blueprint x 15
Paris Prime Lower Limb x 22
Paris Prime String x 6
Paris Prime Upper Limb x 2

Reaper Blade x 33
Reaper Handle x 16
Reaper Prime Blueprint x 12

Rhino Prime Blueprint x 3
Rhino Prime Chassis x 3
Rhino Prime Helmet x 4
Rhino Prime System x 7

Sicarus Prime Barrel x 65
Sicarus Prime Blueprint x 6
Sicarus Prime Receiver x 2

Wyrm Prime Blueprint x 1
Wyrm Prime Cerebrum x 5
Wyrm Prime Systems x 2

Last Edit: 7th Dec 2014 by Zicos
Balerion84 7th Dec 2014

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 1234
Likes 0

I'd very much like one of those glaive prime blades and one bronco prime barrel, good sir. I'm sure they are a burden to you and it'd help me verily.

We are the Legion of Nephilim 7th Dec 2014

Joined: 23rd Jul 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 219
Likes 0

id like the following
latron prime BP
Rhino prime helm
and BOar stock

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