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Selling Some Stuff (Willing to Trade as Well)
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Rakshal 30th Aug 2014

Joined: 22nd Aug 2014
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Warframe mods: Blind Rage 27p, Enemy Sense 8p, Handspring 7p, Intensify 10p, Natural Talent 9p, and Reflex Guard 2p.

Primary weapons mods: Blaze 20p, Hammer Shot 25p, Hell's Chamber 9p, Malignant Force 10p, Metal Auger 5p, Ravage 5p, Rifle Ammo Mutation 10p, Split Camber 10p, Vital Sense 4p, and Wild Fire 4p.

Secondary weapon mods: Pistol Ammo Mutation 10p, Pistol Pestilence 10p, Seeker 13p, Steady Hands 1p, and Stunning Speed 2p.

Melee weapon mods: Berserker 12p, Energy Channel 2p, Life Strike 9p, Power Throw 3p, Quickening 5p, Rending Strike 4p, Sundering Strike 5p, and Whirlwind 30p.'

Stance mods: Coiling Viper 8p and Seismic Palm 6p.

Sentinel mods: Coolant Leak 10p.

Aura mods: Corrosive Projection 8p, Dead Eye 25p, Energy Siphon 15p, Pistol Scavenger 4p, Rejuvenation 10p, Rifle Amp 15p, Shield Disruption 5p, Shotgun Scavenger 5p, Sniper Scavenger 3p, and Speed Holster 3p.

Prime weapon parts and blueprints: Akbronco Prime link 15p, Ankyros Prime blueprint 3p, Boar Prime blueprint 3p, Boar Prime receiver 3p, Boltor Prime receiver 5p, Boltor Prime stock 2p, Bronco Prime blueprint 5p, Burston Prime barrel 17p, Burston Prime stock 4p, Dakra Prime blueprint 5p, Fang Prime blade 5p, Glaive Prime disc 3p, Latron Prime blueprint 1p, Latron Prime stock 7p, Paris Prime blueprint 3p, Paris Prime lower limb 3p, Reaper Prime blueprint 6p, and Sicarus Prime receiver 5p.

Prime Warframe parts and blueprints: Ember Prime helmet 5p, Frost Prime chassis 5p, Mag Prime blueprint 2p, Mag Prime chassis 2p, and Rhino Prime systems 4p.

Arcane helmets: Arcane Aurora helmet 45p, Arcane Chlora helmet 45p, Arcane Chorus helmet 45p, Arcane Coil helmet 65p, Arcane Essence helmet 65p, Arcane Gauss helmet 65p, Arcane Hemlock helmet 45p, Arcane Pulse helmet 45p, and Arcane Storm 45p.

PM between 3 PM and 8 PM standard mountain time on week days and whenever on weekends. I'm usually on at those times.
Last Edit: 30th Aug 2014 by Rakshal
Forum » Clan Business » Trading
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