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tlk tries for loki prime
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tlk742 8th Dec 2014

Joined: 6th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 436
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So, cool news.  I understand why people love loki.

I got a loki regular about two weeks before the first loki teaser was released.  He has no potato and forma as a result.

Anyways, I am hoping to finally get a loki prime I have the bp and got a bunch of prime thingies I would be happy to trade for the rest.

Full Sets:
- Full Burston Prime
- Full Latron Prime

Warframe Parts:
- Ember Prime BP
- Ember Prime Chassis
- Frost Prime Helm
- Mag Prime BP
- Mag Prime Chassis
- Mag Prime Systems
- Nyx Prime Helm

Weapon Parts:
- Boar Prime BP
- Boar Prime Stock
- Boltor Prime BP
- Boltor Prime Stock
- Braton Prime Barrel
- Braton Prime BP
- Braton Prime Stock
- Bronco Prime BP
- Dakra Prime Blade
- Dakra Prime Handle
- Fang Prime Blade
- Glaive Prime Disk
- Lex Prime Blade
- Orthos Prime Blade
- Orthos Prime Handle
- Paris Prime Lower Limb
- Paris Prime Upper Limb
- Paris Prime String
- Reaper Prime BP
- Reaper Prime Handle
- Sicarus Prime Handle
- Sicarus Prime BP

some I have more than 1 of, but too lazy to figure out which.
Also don't like using plat beyond rainy day shark funds.

SSI_DaddySlimer 8th Dec 2014

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 1374
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I'll give you the chassis and system. Need to find the helmet yourself

Signature Picture

Feel free to add me on Steam - ... /id/slimer

Last Edit: 8th Dec 2014 by SSI_DaddySlimer
Balerion84 8th Dec 2014

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 1234
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Welcome to the Loki Fan Club mate!

I only have the Loki Prime BP, not sure if that'd help
But I'd very much like that Nyx helm bp  I should start getting parts for her

ayugamex 9th Dec 2014

Joined: 20th Sep 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 355
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This damned Systems has been evading me, too. ... zw
some Systems

QuoteQuestion is, is there any way ayu can "help" him?

Forum » Clan Business » Trading
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