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Trading Stances~
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MoonMoon 5th Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 496
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Since i need a few things for my collection i've decided to gather all my stances and split them into 3 groups:

 1. Cannon Fodder - stances everyone has hundreds duplicates of, but if   any baby shark needs them i'll be happy to give them away for free
  >Sundering Weave          >Fracturing Wind            >Reaping Spiral
  >Clashing Forest             >Burning Wasp              >Gemini Cross
  >Swirling Tiger                 >Sinking Talon

 2. Could be worth something? - i only have a few of these so i'm willing to  part with them for something like 5p or 20 ducat junk part
  >Coiling Viper                    >Blind Justice
  >Grim Fury                        >Iron Phoenix

 3. Ooh, Shiny! - these beauties i view as rare, i either have bad luck or only  gotten one spare after so many hours in warframe, i would like to trade them  for stances i don't have, but i'll accept offers if you really need them
  >Brutal Tide                   >Crossing Snake          >Homing Fang
  >Cleaving Whirlwind       >Seismic Palm             >Shimmering Blight
  >Tranquil Cleave            >Shattering Storm

Time for the sad part, stances i still lack. If you have a spare and need one of the stances i listed up there contact me in game or post on forums and i'll write to you when i get some time
  >Crimson Dervish             >Crushing Ruin            >Four Riders
  >High Noon                     >Gleaming Talon          >Gnashing Paraya
>Stalking Fan

PS. It's kinda different league from the other stances, but I also missed Astral Twilight alert. If you want to trade for plats or some combination of stances up above i'm all game though

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We are the Legion of Nephilim 5th Apr 2015

Joined: 23rd Jul 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 219
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i belive i have a spare crushing ruin

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expriment 5th Apr 2015

Joined: 21st Mar 2015
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 16
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i have a spare rending crane i can give u (also noticed you don't have a decisive judgement on the list, if you want it i have a spare too)
MoonMoon 13th Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 496
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Bump for visibility.

Neorlin 13th Apr 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 152
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I have paraya and I think I have talon. I'll look it up tomorrow )
Weaponire 16th Apr 2016

Joined: 24th Mar 2016
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 21
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I have a spare Gleaming talon just wondering what weapons brutal tides and shattering storm go to?

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Forum » Clan Business » Trading
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