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Elemental builds questions
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MoonMoon 8th Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
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So these are mainly for veteran sharks, but any input is welcome. As a weapon i take boltor prime as it's one of the top weapons, while having low critical and meh status chance. 

1. What elements you go for in elemental build? I mainly use viral+heat for raids and other lategame content with 4x CP and corrosive + cold for all other things. Corrosive helps with pesky Fossilized and Cold is good versus shields and alloy, too lazy to switch for fancy magnetic + toxin or others like that. Any other general combo you guys like?

2. You prefer pure damage or you think dual stat mods are better? Boltor can reach about 30% status chance, is it worth getting those corrosive procs every third shot in exchange for lower dmg? For viral build it could be great vs lvl.80 enemies, but is softening up heavies with corrosive a good idea? I feel like only viral build would benefit from dual status as cutting hp by half is better than that additional 100 dmg per shot. Anything that's lvl.1-40 and get hits by my full dmg corrosive + cold build should die in few shots anyway, right?

3. At which point do you feel crit chance is high enough for a crit build? I know things like soma or dread are always going to be good for that, but at which point are other weapons good? Around 15% or higher?

4. Any underestimated weapon you had success with using a weird build that no one thought of? (full crit nukor build, lol)

ayugamex 9th Apr 2015

Joined: 20th Sep 2014
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1. mostly viral + radiation + puncture against grineer & void & infested. The shields in void i never cared for as in higher lvls the warframes do the CC so weapons do the cleanup. Copus to magnetic + toxin.
Strangely i've had better results against infested with viral + rad. as mostly rad proc's them to dummies and base weapon dmg takes care of the rest.

2. there's a generic loadout to make every weapon viable (pure dmg mods + elements + personal preference) I tend to maximise the benefits on each weapon, boltor p you give away dps when modding for status, raw dmg mows down pretty much everything. A Tonbo needs high crit, it isnt viable otherwhise.
So if a weapon has high puncture I wouldnt bring it up against corpus (kills must be done quick), if a weapon has low status it will be a waste to slap on status mods.

For that i like it is min-maxing (which i dont really like), but if you are up against high-scaling mobs it becomes necessary.

3. For me the minimum to mod into a specific attribute it needs 15% and more. If it has less I usually go for pure dmg. So the result should be at least 40% without sacrificing too much dmg.

For funbuilds on the other hands, a penta with radiation + high status + firestorm has awesome cc. or an Amprex with all out firerate is fun as long as you bring ammunition pads.

staves & poles with primed reach are awesome, even through walls

4. best one so far was venka with primed reach, so many phantom kills. Or multishot castanas with Mirage are great for crashing the game.

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SSI_DaddySlimer 9th Apr 2015

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
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pah. Too much emphasis on proc. Hit it hard enough and it falls down no matter what you use.

As the general populous seem to like their corrosive weapons, corrosive projection, crush augment, abating link I find the armour out there in a team situation is less of a hinderance than people make out. On a non-crit weapon it is Viral all the way or Magnetic for corpus maps.

I can't say I suffer from damage drop off and my kill count certainly isn't lacking.

I'll switch between my primary and secondary several times in a mission. Generally Viral Grinlok, Corrosive Ballastica/Marelok and Corrosive Bo.

When on Torid it's a viral crit build.

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Shiditso 9th Apr 2015

Joined: 26th Dec 2014
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 615
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For the most part, I completely disregard status. If it procs, yay! Otherwise, a high DPS gun will normally take care of an enemy before you can even notice the status that would have procd. Pretty much much the only time I mod for status is when I am using a viral and/or radiation build out (viral cuts HP and radiation makes them attack each other), though I really only do that when facing Lech Kril so I can make lackies attack him while I stay invisible (tends to speed up him using his hammer and becoming vulnerable, imo). I also think that a CC frame will do a much better job at CCing a crowd than any weapon status proc can.

As for elements, it depends on the enemy, though, as noted, I prefer a high DPS over a status weapon.

For Infested, I like to utilize corrosive and, depending on the weapon, buff up corrosive or add in a class mod (e.g. Expel Infested). I find that the weaker mobs are easy enough to dispatch without the need for heat.

For Corpus, I like the magnetic + toxin build, and buffing either toxin or adding in a class mod. This, however, may change based on who I am fighting. For example, I have a separate build for when I farm Alad V and change my loadout to maximize damage against Zanuka.

For Grineer and Void, I almost exclusively use the radiation and viral build for the heavies and bombards, as they pose the most danger, imo. Again, the weaker mobs can be dispatched without a need to mod for them. Furthermore, in high levels in the Void, CC becomes evermore important, so I have, at times, groups with people who were tasked with killing certain mobs, though that is often not necessary.

In general, I prefer to utilize elemental damage over physical damage; I will still use a Soma or Boltor on Corpus, even though the puncture is disadvantageous for shields, but I utilize elemental damage mods and I see no problem with it.

These are just my preferences, and by no means a guide that you should follow. I know others play entirely differently. Try a few things out and stick to what you like. And, most importantly, have fun. One of my favorite weapons atm is the Tipedo, and I mod that for crit so I can utilize berserker and fury and I often take off damage increase mods just so I can get my attack up and stun lock mobs. Not sure why I find it so fun, but I often find myself left behind because I take too long killing mobs, but hey, I like it.

edit: Wow, that is a wall of text. Sorry about that...
Last Edit: 9th Apr 2015 by Shiditso
Legend 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
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1. rad/viral on grineer | mag/toxin on corpus | corrosive/blast on the infested

2. my personal opinion. damage comes first then any left over slots for elementals. but elementals and damage come first over anything else

3. 25%+ is good | 20% is adequate depending on the fire rate of the thing, anything less probs best not to even bother

4. ive got notihng :/

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