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Galactic Nova
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Blessance 28th Jul 2014

Joined: 6th Jun 2014
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If you'd ask me what my favourite Warframe was, I'd say Nova. She is a little mass of destruction, packed nicely into a cute and petite body. Her defensive stats are not the best, but most of her abilities make up for it, making her one extremely potent glass cannon. 

Positive power strength: slows enemies

I Forma-ed one of her 
 to a 
, switching out her Null Star for a maxed Vitality. Null Star is lackluster when compared to her other abilities. It does slash damage, and even when maxed, the damage is barely noticeable. Vitality gives Nova some much needed defence - I've tried a Redirection but I found Vitality to work best, use cover and keep rolling to avoid getting hit! 

I use Streamline and Fleeting Expertise, both 1 from the top. This gives me the maximum power efficiency I can achieve (caps at 75%), and puts all of my abilities on ridiculously low energy costs. I don't use a Flow here, because if I happen to have my energy sapped by an Eximus, I wouldn't be able to cast any of my abilities. With the 75% efficiency however, all you need is one energy orb in order to cast any of your abilities.

Constitution and Continuity adds duration to M.Prime, increasing it's range. It also negates the some of the power duration lost from using Fleeting Expertise! You wouldn't want M.Prime's range to be too far though, because you won't be able to recast it until the initial cast finishes expanding. 

Intensify will increase the percentage slow on the enemies - more power strength will lead to slower enemies. It will also increase the damage from M.Prime, and the extra damage is always beneficial! 

Stretch will give M.Prime and AMD's blast radius a welcome increase. Keep in mind that this does not affect how far M.Prime expands. 

Negative power strength: speed boost to enemies

**I use this build only for Infested Defence, or when I am in a troll mood!**

Overextended is the core of this build. When maxed, it gives +90% power range which increases the blast radius of both M.Prime and AMD. The -60% power strength will be what gives M.Prime the ability to speed up your enemies. 

The 3 from the top Narrow Minded will give +72% power duration and -48% power range. When paired with Continuity, it will give a +102% power duration. This will affect the range of M.Prime. When used in Infested Defense, you'll only need to cast this ability once or twice every round. The faster you kill your enemies, the more they spawn, and since M.Prime has such a long active duration, the enemies that spawn will also be affected by M.Prime. The -48% power strength isn't really important, because Overextended more than makes up for that.

Flow and Streamline is used here, because I only need to cast M.Prime once or twice each round. There'll be plenty of energy orbs lying around in a typical infested ODD, and it'll be easy to refill the energy bar. The +30% power efficiency is much needed, without it, M.Prime would cost 100 energy to cast. 

I used Rage here because of the limited choices I have with the 
 slot. Blind Rage and Intensify is out of the question for this build because if I use those mods, then it'll not speed up the enemies. The next best useful mod you cold use is Provoked which gives you increased damage during bleedout, but Rage is the better option because it gives me some energy when my health takes a hit.

Go on and Prime those who stand in your way! 

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SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 28th Jul 2014

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
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that text nice work

I really dont have a favorite frame but Trinity is most used by me I think. I really like how you can support and tank with her.

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

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