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Rhino Prime Build?
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Wrakor 21st Aug 2015

Joined: 5th Aug 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
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Hey, I was looking for some Rhino Prime builds online and noticed they are kinda out of date because they don't take into account his recent change to Rhino Stomp, which can now be influenced by Power Duration. Any experienced players willing to change their builds?
Last Edit: 21st Aug 2015 by Wrakor
Wrakor 21st Aug 2015

Joined: 5th Aug 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 38
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Ok, after working on this a little bit I ended up liking this build:
Duration +20%
Range -21%
Strength +85%
Efficiency +75% (25 Energy Rhino Stomp!!)
Basically it gives increased duration and efficiency at the cost of Range (20 meters for his Roar and Rhino Stomp, down from 25 meters) and less Strength.
Last Edit: 21st Aug 2015 by Wrakor
Prime-Ares 1st Jan 2016

Joined: 31st Dec 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 15
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Not half bad. Will have to reconsider my own builds after seeing this combo.

Assuming you want an all-out efficient use of all 4 powers type of Rhino, this build looks like it'll suffice for most mid-tier game situations, and even some so into a bit of T4 missions. Only changes I'd consider is replacing Energy Siphon with Rejuviation if you're going into late-game scenarios. (Rhino has a very low EHP without any mods, and it can save you in battle more than you might think by the time Iron Skin degrades to dismantling after one hit from heavy gunners / bombards). Also with the power costs you're conserving decently, this mod will just appear as power overkill lol.

Also, primed flow (if you have it) would fit in nicely as it wouldn't require any additional forma in replacing the normal Flow, granting you with slightly more energy at that.

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