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So I built a carrier.
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Exiled Protocol 23rd Aug 2015

Joined: 9th Dec 2014
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
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Sup Sharks. So I recently acquired a carrier sentinel about a week in our past. For some odd reason, I always gave sentinels the cold shoulder and refused to use them (for absolutely no reason, do not ask). It wasn't until the countless amount of people who questioned me on why I haven't used one that finally cut the last string to give in and build one for myself. With the weeks time I put it to use, I have to admit I am quite impressed with the utility that it brings.

So here's my current build: (it's not much...

...but it gets the job done.)

I honestly can't believe what I missed out on all this time.

Protocol out.


And yes, I'm still alive.

Christian, Conservative, Republican — In that order.

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Legend 23rd Aug 2015

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
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youre alive? o.o


Carrier prime (master race)

Round and round the wheel of life goes... where it stops nobody knows... but theres one thing i do know... and it's that i'll be happy where ever i go...

Evan_ 24th Aug 2015

Joined: 5th Aug 2015
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
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Need to post to avoid a feeling of inferiority..

Mah kubrow, just after the egg is hatched a few years ago.

('Knuckle' in an ancient Orokin dialect)
male bulky white puli kubrow


Primed Bark R10 - marks the presence of every organic being in range, unless it's too small to be a threat. Power can't be deactivated

Ankle Grab R4 - decreases the movement speed of chosen hostile by 8%

Growl R2 - kubrow causeses 'fear' status effect on target. (0.2% chance unless target is an old lady)

Retrieve R6 - kubrow sniffs out nuts or tennis balls, retrieving these items for its master. Or himself

Squat R6 - kubrow places a mine that greatly annoys a target when stepped on

Vitality R10 - kubrow never runs out of energy

Redirection R8 - kubrow's thick rasta fur makes it imprevious to impact and slash damage

Roll R10 - kubrow rolls to it's back displaying it's belly while paralizing all targets in range (cuteness resistance applies)

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