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valkyr build?
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Deadpool 3rd Oct 2015

Joined: 25th May 2015
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The new drain system made me so confused I tried like 3 different build and none was good
Anyone has a good one with melee build? 

Dikkimies 3rd Oct 2015

Joined: 1st Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 139
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This is a build I use with valkyr

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Prime-Ares 1st Jan 2016

Joined: 31st Dec 2015
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This formula of mod association will allow you the best of all worlds. Though an extra forma is needed, it is well worth it. As you'll have one of the highest melee multipliers possible to achieve while in hysteria (even without the use of Intensify), an endless supply of hunger as you eat (meet) your enemies (which every good shark needs in battle), and even be able to activate powers at a slightly more efficient cost.

Having mained valkyr for nearly a year before, finding the "perfect" build for her has been anything but easy. You need to ensure she has great strength, countered also with the most efficiency possible, given energy balls don't always pop up and a lot of us are too lazy to put down power plates.

Build Note: Check the "details" in the upper right of the mods on the site when you see it. If you're worried you can't get enough kills within the 14 seconds to increase the time upon activating Warcry, swap Fleeting Expertise out for Streamline. You'll have to use a bit more energy, but you'll also benefit from 9 additional seconds.

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