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Wukong mechanics and builds [Finished]
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Neorlin 26th Nov 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
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Intro: This guide is not math or formula specific. It's also before forma or maxed mods. It's more about general mechanics of Wukong, ideas, builds and feeling about playing him for player who decides to pick him or not and if he deserves potato and formas. Everything based on my personal feelings towards him, my experience and, mostly, simulacrum tests + few hours of solo playing

TL\DR He is mostly solo frame, as his skillset doesn't bring something very important or exclusive. Tanky and hardhitting melee frame with a bunch of CC. Probably first full melee frame, which is not reliant on Life Strike

My Warframe build

Build on the Weapon

Warframe base stats

Stats with mods

To start, i want to say that i find this frame extremely fun. I enjoy melee frames and Wu's skillset accompanies that idea a lot. IMO, Wukong can contest our beloved Loki on the title of soloking. Basically suitable for any kind of mission, he is the most viable in mid levels. Scales good enough into late game, but, as all melee frames, is not so good in low levels compared to casters.
In team can take the role of tank or mass CC disruptor. But, honestly, i won't recommend that. There are much more viable and competitive frames for that roles like valkyr, chroma(tank) or Loki, Booben(CC).

So, his skills

Iron Jab
Base stats at level 30

stats with mods

CC skill. Mostly weak skill to start of. His range of 10m of front distance is unaffected by mods which is positive and negative at the same time:
+ My build uses negative range, so that doesn't cut the range
- 10m is pretty short
The skill hitbox is affected by range, so in me build ot is very narrow(But, believe me, even with max range it's not very wide, so don't really bother about it)
Use it to knockdown some bombards or heavy gunners before you can get to those bastards.

Base stats at level 30

stats with mods

Your bread and butter. Some can say that it is basically a QT mod. Yes and no, and even if it was, it frees you one mod slot, which is good. Description is pretty bad written so i'll explain this skill on fingers.
It's a toggle skill with huge energy drain.
Firstly: Everytime lethal damage is dealt to you, this skill(if toggled, obviously) will heal you and give you few seconds of invulnerabilty, with each consecutive lethal damage during same cast, healing is lowered. After first lethal damage it will heal 75% of your max health, all heals after that will be 75% of previous amount(In case of my build i have 700 max hp and the first time i'll be healed to 525, second time will be 393, etc) Basically, after some lethal hits, it will only heal you 1 hp. It is recommended to recast the spell before this happens, to make sure it heals enough (IT'S NOT 75% OF YOUR CURRENT HEALTH)
Secondly: (It's eather bugged or wiki is wrong) after healing you it will take 25% of your current energy. It won't affect your energy capacity(like wiki says) it just charges you for 25% of you current energy(So in this build i have 400 energy max. When this skill procs, if you have 300 energy atm, you'll have 225 energy after proc).
This skill is absolutely awesome in combo with rage as enemies will constantly deal hp damage and replenish you a lot of energy to keep this skill going. Only remember, that as the heal lowers, energy replenish lowers too. So remember to keep recasting it.
This skill makes you forget about using lifestrike on your weapon, opening another mod slot there, which is very beneficial.

Cloud Walker
Base stats at level 30

stats with mods

As description is kind of foggy again(Got it? Foggy), thanks to DE, i'll explain it to you.
Firstly, it is NOT a toggle ability, though, it can be ended before the duration ends(works like old ember ult).
Secondly, energy cost. 
Usefull skill for that capture, rescue, sabotage missions where it is preferred to stay unnoticed. Stunning part can be useful to quickly destroy some priority targets.
Also, this ability makes you FLY. You move towards your coursor and if you look up and press forward, you'll move upwards. AWESOME!
Can be used in the air.

Primal Fury
Base stats at level 30

stats with mods

Your main damaging ability. Pretty strightforward. You get a hugeass pole with its own moveset. Also boosts melee range. Benefits from melee mods and, especially, from primed reach.
Now, combos
Basic one. Simple combo with impact proc in the end
Pause one. Combo you'll use the most. Unintentionally. With fury and berserker(also + arcane strike) you AS is so high, that press windows lowers so much, that even if you mash button it is considired to be with pause. In general, good combo with a knockdown and throwing of staff. Range + CC = good.
Block one. Absolutely most fun. AOE on this one is insane. Damage is average but the ragdoll knock up is the cake. You'll send your enemies to the space. Literally. In simulacrum i launched bombard across the whole island. Just epic CC
Hold one. Nothing special. You, probably, won't be able to use it because of hold mechanic. Contains a dash and knockdown.

Outro: Currently we have 3 full melee frame with their own stance\wepon (Excalibro, Valkyr and Wukong). They are all extremely powerful but, in my opinion, they are good in different places. Valkyr is godmode frame with insane damage. Her mobolity, imo, sucks, and lack of aoe and range makes her bad for low levels and ranks. On high level though, she skyrockets in power chart being very good on mid-high missions. Excalibur, is the opposite, as he dominates lo-mid missions like a monster, but finds problems with survivability on higher levels. Wukong is the exact middle. At low levels range on his staff is enough to AOE destroy mobs, at mid levels his damage is enough and survivability is insane as enemies start to finally deal damage to make Rage viable, and in high levels, when damage becomes less and less relevant he dominates with almost godmode Defy.
Verdict: Will forma to da maximum
Last Edit: 26th Nov 2015 by Neorlin
Neorlin 26th Nov 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 152
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Reserved in case guide will take more than one post to finish.
Will be used for further notes and additions.
Feel free to ask questions
Remarks about my edit and English are welcomed as i want to improve this guide to da max
Last Edit: 26th Nov 2015 by Neorlin
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