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SSI Clan Ranks
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SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 18th Aug 2013

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 947
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Ghost Shark (Utility)

Reserved for members who, for special reasons, require an extended leave of absence. Though their migratory routes may take them away from the shiver for now, they will be back.
Roles -

• Host
Gummy Shark (Initiate)

Small and relatively safe.  These sharks have yet to prove themselves among the shiver.  However, this hardly means they are to be taken lightly.
Roles -

• Host
Tiger Shark (Soldier)

Strong, fast, and will chew through anything in their way. These sharks have proven themselves able members of the shiver, and have made their home in our oceans.
Roles -  

• Host
Hammerhead Shark (Sage)

Their unique shaped head is designed for greater agility and panoramic vision, making the hammerhead a hunter to be reckoned with. Distinguished head for distinguished members.
Roles -  

• Host
Whale Shark (Leader)

Among the largest fish in the universe, these massive sharks have proven themselves able body defenders through long years of service and dedication.
Roles -  

• Recruiter
• Host
Bull Shark (Officer)

Powerful and threatening; these sharks are experienced beasts. Climbing the ranks through bloodshed and kinship.
Roles -  

• Recruiter
• Promotion
• Host
• Tech
• Chat Moderator
Great White Shark (General)

Monsters of the modern universe; these sharks have more than proven themselves and chewed through expectations.
Roles -  

• Recruiter
• Regulator
• Promotion
• Architect
• Host
• Tech
• Chat Moderator
Megalodon (Warlord)

Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent throughout all of space. They are our rulers, judges, and most revered members. Accepting of all sharks, but will execute all threats with zero prejudice and remorse.
Roles - 

• Ruler
• Recruiter
• Regulator
• Promotion
• Architect
• Host
• Treasurer
• Tech
• Tactician
• Chat Moderator
*Roles might change in future. If that happens, the list will be updated

Role Definitions - 

• Ruler: Can change the roles of other ranks and edit the Message of the Day (MOTD)
• Recruiter: Can invite others to clan
• Regulator: Can exile/kick from clan
• Promotion: Can promote others to less than or equal to own rank
• Architect: Can build or destroy rooms and decorations of the clan dojo
• Host: Can host the clan dojo
• Treasurer: Can withdraw resources from clan vault
• Tech: Can queue dojo research
• Chat Moderator: Can kick or suspend members from clan chat

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

Last Edit: 18th Jul 2016 by SantaElektron
Forum » Clan Business » Promotions Locked
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