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PSA About Hammerhead Rank
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Lord Of Erebus 6th Jul 2016

Joined: 13th Sep 2015
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Hey guys, I'll try to keep this (relatively...) short.

Today we demoted 56 total Hammerhead Sharks to Tiger Shark because of a re-work of the Hammerhead rank. To be a Hammerhead, you now have to be:
  • registered on the forums
  • be in the clan for a month
  • have 200 in-game hours
  • have 2 or 3 officers conclude that you're active enough in clan chat, Discord, or forums.
If you're a really old member we might make an exception to the "active" thing.

What do we consider active? If we have no idea who the hell you are, then you aren't active. (There was a surprising amount of Hammerheads that we've never heard of...) As long as we see you talking in clan chat every now and then and we're familiar with your name, that's good enough for us. You don't need to talk in clan chat every day or anything. Just enough that we're familiar with a name is probably the easiest way to put it. This is all you really need to know, so if you don't feel like reading the rest of this, then that's all good.

But y tho?
I explained this in officers forum with many multitudes of paragraphs, so I'll be giving you guys the "Not A Wall of Text to Make SSI Great Again" Edition, and I'll try to keep this really simple. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me or another officer. There would be no problem with leaving the system as it was, it's just that I/we thought that it could and should be improved. And it could still use some improvement, since there still isn't much difference in terms of privileges and such between a Tiger Shark and Hammerhead Shark, and we're aware of that. Hopefully it'll be improved at some point.

1. With the previous system, you could skip Tiger Shark entirely, due to there not being a minimum time that you have to be in SSI.

2. We're trying to incentivize ranking up to encourage people to stay in the clan and be more active, kinda.

3. Some of us even thought that Hammerhead Shark was easier to get than Tiger Shark and should be the rank below Tiger Shark.

4. Members wanting to make a difference of some sort in the clan without being in a position of authority and having their rank reflect that to some degree.


Last Edit: 6th Jul 2016 by Lord Of Erebus
Shiditso 8th Jul 2016

Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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And still no reward or tl;dr... You're really bad at this...

I mean, at first I was like

Then I thought, maybe he's hidden the reward somewhere, so I started clicking on every word...

However, in the end, I just gave up and decided to bomb the Kiwis


Furthermore, in regards to the recent change; cool.

edit: can these changes get reflected on the "Promotions" FAQ and thread? I'm looking at you, GW and Megas...
Last Edit: 8th Jul 2016 by Shiditso
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