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Can anyone do me a favor?
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1Tachman 31st Aug 2015

Joined: 29th Jun 2015
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I think I'll be out of town for 2 weeks at most without access to a computer that can play warframe. not even for a few minutes.

So, that means I'm going to miss one or maybe two void trader visits and I wanted to find someone who'd help me get his exclusive weapons (assuming they're the tradable kind) and primed mods.

In return I can offer one of the following:

Going rate of the weapon on trade tab during the 48 hour void trader period + plat for the weapon slot(s). I'd offer more if I were made of plat but I'm not.


1 game code from this big list I have PER weapon/mod (most of them are worth more than 50p) THE LIST

Depending on the number of items, feel free to mix and match. However, Do know that each item is either or of the two offers I mentioned above. I will NOT give PLAT AND a game code for any single weapon or mod.

It'd be nice if one person could take care of all of it but just in case having a few pple offer to help out would be nice.
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1Tachman 31st Aug 2015

Joined: 29th Jun 2015
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Quotei can put your name to the going away thread, if that away more then 30 day then we don't kick you. Going away thread
That offer is a little bit too low. I sold prisma dual cleaver for 70p and this was my best friendly price. Usualy this guns are 150p and the primed mods welp.. Have a nice day! and gl


They were going for 70p while it was available during the 48hour period?? da heck(I like how the original expression I had here got censored as "intercourse" and I was confused as heck reading it), the ducats aren't even that hard 0_o.

I'm trying to ask someone to get the ones I'm going to miss b/c I can't even log in for a few minutes to just get them and log off again. I realize it can't be a charity b/c it'll take up precious inventory slots and all but 100s of plat per weapon seem ridiculous imho.

*sigh* if only I had a irl friend in this game to help me in situations like this.

For everyone else,
I guess I'll leave the plat part negotiable. But the game codes offer still stands. You can get steam codes and most likely get drm free version too (though it may differ on the individual game)

PS - is putting myself on going away really necessary? I thought that thread was for more long term going away. I'm just gonna vanish for 2 weeks at most (closer to 10 days). There's gotta be pple that's "active" and still away for longer periods than weeks from forums and/or game without even saying so, lol
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ayugamex 1st Sep 2015

Joined: 20th Sep 2014
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Some parts will have hype prices, theres no doubt about it. paying in games is can be a fair deal for some.

Quote*sigh* if only I had a irl friend in this game to help me in situations like this.
Maybe if you ask firendly nicely enough someone (staff?) trustworthy can do the logging in for you and buy prisma stuffs in your behalf.

Quoteis putting myself on going away really necessary

yes unless you dont want to get kicked after 20 days of inactivity...Forums have categories and threads for a reason, dont they.

QuoteQuestion is, is there any way ayu can "help" him?

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1Tachman 1st Sep 2015

Joined: 29th Jun 2015
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 57
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First of all, there's no way I'm trusting anyone with my log-in info. I don't care how trustworthy/nice of a person you are. This is the internet and you don't divulge information like that.

Second of all, in what part was I rude or aggravating in this post, specially in that line?I don't get your sentiment of "if you only asked more nicely..." I'm just simply asking. In doing so however, I'm not going to do something like get on my knees and beg people to 'oh please please, this would help me so much, I'll shower you with all the niceties and my plat/riches if you'd help me this one time' or anything like that. And what are you expecting with that "The question is what can ayu do for you?" attitude?

Lastly, I'm only going away for about 10 days-ish. Sure, when I first made the OP, I didn't specify the number of days and Death probably assumed I was gonna be gone longer and mentioned the going away thread. And that's that. I did rant longer than necessary in my first response to death's post. However, Ayu maybe it's just the text not quite conveying it as intended but to me you're coming off snarky if anything on every point imho.

Well, I've probably started asking a bit late, I should have started asking few days earlier when I knew I was going to be gone. So, I'll just say that I don't expect anything at this point. I did try asking in clan chat in game but that's actually been less responsive than the two of you. So, as nonchalant as your responses have been, I do thank you for at least glancing over this. Makes me feel infinitesimally better when I half-expected this thread to get 0 responses.

EDIT: looks like my bit of saltiness/wishful thinking was not just that anymore! someone was nice enough
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