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Cephalon thesis
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Exiled Protocol 6th Jul 2015

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I like what DKdiamamtes and Quiette Sky are doing with cephalon thesis. So I wish to bring something like that to here on this site.

Maybe we could have a dedicated section of topics to have random warframe lore related topics full of questions and answers. I guess this would be up to the community and there support of it. 

What do you think?

Here would be my first cephalon question.

Since the Lotus knows all things, why does she withhold information from her beloved Tenno? She doesn't she tell us about warframes that comes from quests, like Mesa, Limbo, and Chroma until some event makes her tell.

What'cha guy think?

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Swan (Banned) 6th Jul 2015

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Well judging from what is joked about on the devsteams of perhaps the lotus having some ulterior motive, or other reason for contacting the tenno and employing them, the lotus doesn't seem to have any specific loyalty towards the tenno, acting more like an information broker, similar to Alert Corpus and such,for example in the gradivus dilemma, when the cache of tenno cryopods is uncovered, The Lotus opens an opportunity for the tenno to decide, however gives no option to just take the cryopods from both factions.

It seems that the Lotus does posses some compassion for the Tenno, however it seems that our group is the easiest to deal with, what being silent contractors and such, however this is offset by the lotus also seeming to not care about tenno's wellbeing, only letting us know of say, a large scale fire after everything is said and done.

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MoonMoon 6th Jul 2015

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I think we can't consider Lotus as she was portrayed in the beginning anymore, she's no friend to tenno nor a true ally . When they changed her voice a lot of lines she spoke became somewhat more cold and machine-like, going from "That's it, now get the hell out of there." to "Mission accomplished.".

Also take note in the very beginning they may have wanted Lotus to be an organization, as taken from one of her older lines "Good work Tenno, the Lotus will be pleased.".

My guess is their lore is finally decided on, but we'll have to see.

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