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Few noob questions
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Robj414 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 9th Apr 2015
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Greetings fellow space shark ninjas,
Have been playing warframe a bit over a week now and have been a shark for a few days now but there are a few things that i still am not sure about in this game, which is odd because this game really walks you through everything....    :\
Syndicate:  What? How? When?  I have heard syndicate mentioned in passing, but no idea how to access one, or even what it is and the benefits of being in one.
Aura's:  My current frame is excal level 30, working on my rhino frame, just need to farm some parts... But i am still without a single aura.....  Where do i get these from?  Best places for them to drop?
Progression:  Am currently trying to advance my way through the star system, what is the best way to do this?  Currently have kubro mission almost done, gotta buy the blueprint and make the kubro.  Have started the archwing missions, do not have the resources so tired of trying, do i just complete as many missions as possible on each planet to open the next one?
Thanks fellow Tenno's

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SSI_DaddySlimer 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
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This game is a nightmare to understand for newer players. Some of us are lucky enough to be here when started the mod system and have had the luxury of learning each new part slowly over the last 3 years (?). You don't have that luxury.

You need to be MR3 to join a syndicate, and you pick them from the console on the left of your Liset (spaceship). You need to initiate (do all of them to get the starter sigils), then do missions with those sigils displayed on your warframe (appearance / regalia).

As you gain more points you get to rank up with sacrifices which can be quite expensive for newer players.

The syndicates either ally, like, neutral or hate one another, so you need to balance the work you do for them. Fastest way is to work for a couple of allied syndicates . Slower but bigger rewards for spreading it out between 4.

Lots more info here: ... /wiki/Syndicates

Auras come from Alerts. Keep an eye open for them, clan mates will help you get them. you can also trade for them.

Progression is how you want it. Personally I completed the star map before 'wanting' anything. I had resources and 'farmed' very little to build what i could. Beat the boss to open the next area.

Archwing pretty optional right now. Worry about it later.

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Feel free to add me on Steam - ... /id/slimer

SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
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My advice is take it all slow. There is lots of things to do. I Play this game for 2 years now and still dont have it all just enjoy the game

Yeah unlock the star map that was my first thing to do.

Check this ... /wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki
Whatever you want to know is here and ask in clan chat some things you cant find there. Or here on forums (Im sure somebody will replay).

Good luck farming

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MoonMoon 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
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Like all said before me, take it slow. Leveling syndicate stuff is a real pain early on and if you just enjoy the game and play through star map (like i did solo, cause lone wolf) you won't have to farm for any of the early weapons.

If you just go through the game doing the alerts and events you'll have all you need soon enough.

Robj414 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 9th Apr 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 10
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If you just go through the game doing the alerts and events you'll have all you need soon enough.
A fellow tenno gifted me all the parts required and the blueprints for braton prime, hence want to unlock Saturn so can get the required mats to put together.

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IxaoEclipse 10th Apr 2015

Joined: 5th Oct 2014
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Yeah, the fastest way to get through the solar system is to take the shortest path to the boss from your starting tile-think of it as one of those board games where you have to get from A to B with the least number of movements. Also, keep in mind that the Star Chart isn't entirely linear-the planet unlock path splits in two at one point, and I believe one of them unlocks two planets. The wiki has a chart that lists the paths taken to unlock planets here: http://img2.wikia.nocooki ... me_planet_order3.png

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