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Kubrow Breeds vs Sentinel equivalents
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Dragon-Saint 17th Oct 2015

Joined: 22nd Aug 2015
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Greeting fellow sharks, being a relatively new player I'm still figuring out the intricacies of which companions are better, so I'm hoping to find out what more experienced players think on the matter, especially carrier vs chesa, since I love the easy looting aspect of carrier but I also love having a fluffy battle-puppy follow me. TLDR How do sentinels and Kubrows compare in terms of utillity?
Shiditso 17th Oct 2015

Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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The wiki article may prove useful : ... /wiki/Kubrow

Personally, I think the Carrier makes a much better companion, if you are only worried about collecting look. The Chesa will go out and collect some loot, but it is a limited amount and is not continuous. However, that being said, as an avid Carrier user, I recently switched to a Kubrow and put in six forma and have actually enjoyed using it. Though I am still lazy, I do not find it too much of an annoyance to pick up the loot I need.

So, in the end, it all depends on how you play and what you are looking for in a companion; both Sentinel and Kubrow have their pros and cons, which you will have to decide between.
Swan (Banned) 17th Oct 2015

Joined: 13th Jun 2015
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In my personal opinion, carrier is for the lazy, what it benefits you with, you can gain with a second of walking, dodging, sliding, jumping, or general movement, I see more mid-range ranking people die, due to sitting still because carrier is pulling loot to them, not avoiding fire. If you insist on getting it, grab it later on in the game, as far as kubrows go, raskas and huras kubrows are useful for fighting, chesa while the carrier's counterpart, is only useful in high movement missions, sitting still tends to bug its AI, that being said, its Disarm ability is incredibly useful, because it tends to focus "elite" units, the sunika and sahasha either dig loot, or stunlock single targets, not particularly useful, but can have their niche.

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