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main frame and weapon loadouts
Forum » Clan Business » General Discussion
If Daddyslimer was locked in a defense pod. Would you still defend it?

Hell no!
Might consider it if the reward was nice

Elizu 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 4th Mar 2014
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 25
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Main frame.. See what I did there?  Geek humor ftw >.>

ok, back to topic.. ^o^

I thought it would be nice/useful if people posted their main loadouts.
It might help sometimes when making certain groups or well, just for curiosity at the very least ^_^

For example:

My main frame is Mirage. Using Penta and Scoliac. (dont bother with a secondairy. Doesnt look nice >.>
In narrow areas i mirror up and eclipse and slash away with multi whips to cut my way though corridors while chasing my prism.
When in open areas i like being the artillery girl and hail down mirror + eclipse penta showers doing large scattered area damage.

When Mirrors is fixed with Torid, might exchange the risky self killing penta for Torid. Mass gassing the defense pod with multi barrages of gas clouds. FPS beware

Alternative loadout:

Saryn, using Torid and Scoliac. Either going full Melee with contagion or spam blasting acid Ult everywhere while gassing up any doorways to prevent enemies getting through.

So yea, im either the multi mirrored Arti girl or the acid spewing infested monster ^o^

I should admit I am a huge theme lover so ideally I would love to make some squads which are themed like. Stealth squad. Everyone going with stealthy skilled frames. things like that.
instead of just rushing through missions I really enjoy teamwork.

A very good few examples I recently had:

I was doing an exterminate mission and went in Solo. Thought it was solo anyway, turns out it wasnt
Anyway, I did about half of the map all stealth with Mirage (sleigh of hand is awesome btw! ) when another player logged in and I thought. Crap.. stealth ruined.

But it was a Loki frame and we actually worked very nicely together and finished the whole mission without a single detection ^o^
Now this might be boring for some people but. I got tired of the quick race through a mission every time again and again >.<

The second example of some very nice teamwork ( i dont usually see any teamwork in the game really. most of the time people just shoot at everything they can randomly )
I was standing a good distance away from the defense pod with my mutalist and used mirror to make the 4 extra Mirage copies. Launched the alternate fire to send out 5 of those infested alien orbs.
As they floated between me and the defense pod, 2 other frames stood next to me and with rapid fire guns we all shot through the infested orbs into the army around the pod (this was around wave 50)

Shooting through those orbs gives every bullet some nice bonuses: 
  • Shots fired at the orb will pass through and deal additional damage to enemies, similar to  Electric Shield. The sphere also increases critical chance and damage, with 6.3% chance and 4.2x damage at base you get ~20% chance and 5-6x damage through the orb.)

Needless to say with the right guns, shooting through that can do some really nice damage. But it also felt very rewarding to actually -work together- rather then individually shooting all enemies around the pod. 

Unfortunately, the match ended at wave 55 with 1 infested being somewhere deep inside a wall and no explosion or skill could kill it. >.<

Just to mention, I would LOVE to try a volt putting his electric shield down, these orbs behind that. And then shooting through the electric shield AND the infested orbs to see what damage that would do ^_^'

Long post >.< wasnt my intention but.. yea.

So, your favorite builds? 
Main loadouts?

or simply put.. what frame and weapons do you like playing with most?
I wanna know! >.<

Eli ^o^

-=I will be the falling stone in your world of glass=-

SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 947
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nice nice

My main for now is Trinity but Im going to play with Frost b/c he was always one of my fav. I use Braton regular with Despair as second and Fang Prime

And I got blast dmg on all of them b/c it is fun to see enemies flying when I hit them

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

SantaElektron 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 14th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 493
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I don't understand the poll that much but I voted anyways xD

Anyways, my favorite loadout would be Volt with an Amprex, Castanas, and Orthos Prime with corrosive on it because I like the green electricity look. If you have not notice, my theme of weapons involves electricity or lightning, hence the name "LightningElektron." Most people would think this is a very bad loadout or choice of weapons, to which I respond with "I don't give a shark's anus what you think!" Besides the whole lightning theme to it, Volt and these weapons are amazing in their own right.

Volt is probably the best in terms of versatility, swapping from utility to defensive to offensive skills on the fly.
His first skill, Shock, makes a great crowd control skills as it chains to other enemies from the initial target and stuns whatever it hits. It also has something like a auto targeting feature which does require you to fully place your crosshair on enemy for it to work or even be casted, such Ash's Teleport or Nekros's Soul Punch.
His second ability, Speed, gives him and any nearby warframe a boost to movement and melee attack speed, which is amazing for speedruns, capture missions, rescuing downed allies if they are far away, and any other situations where time and speed is crucial.
His third ability, Electric Shield, is a decent defensive shield that provides cover and adds electric damage to bullets shot through it and increases the effectiveness of weapons with limited range by making their range indefinite.
Finally, his fourth skill, Overlord, borderlines damage and utility as it does a decent amount of damage along with stunning them, similar to Shock, but its effectiveness is increased if there are nearby electronics which adds more damage and range to it.
All in all, Volt is the Jack of all Trades in Warframe

On to weapons... Don't worry I'll keep it short

Amprex is an amazing weapon once modded with at least maybe 4 formas and a crit build. It is worth all the trouble as it turns to a mass murdering chain lightning gun.
Castanas is similar to the Penta, in terms of the detonating function, but has the ability to stick to walls, terrain, and enemies like the Stug. So if you’re into the Team Fortress 2’s Demoman or maybe loved the Plasma Grenades from Halo then this is an amazing secondary.
Orthos Prime… You might be thinking “Hey Light, why not use Serro or Prova if you want a lightning themed weapon set?” Simple. Prova sucks and Serro looks like futuristic coat rack. I always loved spears, polearms, and double-bladed swords in other video games, so Orthos Prime is a great choice for my playstyle. Although, I prefer the looks of the original Orthos over the prime version, but whatever. Sidenote: I like corrosive on all my melee weapons because it gives off a green lightning effect around it, and my favorite color is green and… well… lightning… yeah.

To end, my obsession with lightning, for whatever reason I do, is only 90% why I like electric-based frames and weapons. The other reason is: Versatility. I’m that kind of person who plays an RPG or an MMO and instead of maxing and specializing in a particular branch or skill set, I points in all of them. I want a mix of everything and have something for any situation. Electricity is by far the most versatile of all the elements available in this game that can be adapted to each faction, thanks Damage 2.0 with mixing with other elements. Corrosive for Ancients, Radiation for Heavy Grineer, and Magnetic for Corpus affected by Shield Osprey. So I run Amprex with Radiation, Castanas with Magnetic, and Orthos Prime with Corrosive.

Probably not the most efficient or ideal build but sure is my favorite

Side note: Sorry for this being somewhat lengthy. I wrote this because I couldn't sleep and needed something to occupy my time before I pass out xD

^Credit to tlk742

Elizu 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 4th Mar 2014
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 25
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I love lengthy posts haha ^_^

And the poll, yea thats just a little joke between me and Daddyslimer ^-^ he'll mention it when he sees it im sure ^_~we're always on each other like that

But I can totally understand the lightning theme ^_^Im a bit similar as in that I love the infested. It started when i saw starcraft 2 Zerg. I dunno, just love those critters so now I'm totally against The Lotus and on the Infested side. I cant wait for an option to change factions >.> haha.

But yea, I have a deep dark purple and black infested decorated Mirage or a fully infested green/yellow/black themed Saryn. Like you, I themed the weapons accordingly. Saryin with a Torid, embologist and Scoliac.

I couldnt care less if I tried to about stats either. It's looks all the way Rather look pretty and do less DMG then to look like a sandbag with some fancy dmg numbers (Yes, im talking to you Vauban players! <.<

Oh and I do love the castanas as well. When I need something to level ill forma those occasionally. Then go Saryn. And stick Torid grenades, Castanas and Skill 1, venom balls on enemies and let them run around ^_^

I look forward to playing with your Volt sometime ^-^ Lets try your Electric shield mixed with my Mutalist infested orbs to see what kind of boost we can give to other people's weapons ^_~

Eli ^o^

-=I will be the falling stone in your world of glass=-

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Doforcash 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 25th Mar 2014
Rank: Ghost shark
Posts: 676
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there's 2 Favorite Frame of mine,

1/ Ash the Badass, the Dude can stack up a bunch of HP, he's fast, agility and all 4 of his skill is a "SURPRISE DEATH, 2PRO4U, LUL" sign.
-This guy, is my Go-to frame because while the other frame can only stick to support, attack or defend (base on my play style), Ash the Badass here can go all 3 simultaneously, at any condition. and after you put in Rage + Vitality, he can do anything at anytime...

while Ash is being fun and stuff, i need an expert frame to lv up my useless/crappy/piece of junk weapon, when that happen  im gonna have to ask Mr...

2/ Frost the Frontier: So how do you make a extremely high shield Frame, has an ability to block all incoming deadly projectile at him become even more harder to kill ? Oh i know, let's make most of his ability become CC, hit multiple target and slow the F**k out of every baddy at his sight.
-While the other Frame skill is too OP or only focus on 1 single target, this cold shoulder Frame ability focus on SSSSLLOOOOOWINNNG the enemy inside the Globe, making them a perfect pinata for the (angry) Blizzard god. Frost as first wasn't much of my favorite, that's after i gave him 90% efficiency and -60% skill duration, the downside wasn't significant, but you must be blind by the winter to see how much "cooler" he has become after the change.

*Edit: Almost forget, Luna Whitespark the sunika kubrow
This lady here is my companion, I once carrying her like a long time, now she's the 1 carry me every time i bringing punny weapon/frame for a solo mission.
they said Kubrow and Sentinels are equally balance and important, but i'm pretty dam sure Sentinels can't save your a$$ from Stalker, or hold the G3 while you revive other friendly, or or hold the Havester while other friend revive you (lesion learn, try not to use explosive weaponry to kill Havester) and last but not least, can be revieable.
Yup, Kubrow truly is Tenno best friend (and Human race 3rd hostile, the other 2 is Tenno and the infested).

Signature Picture

big thank to Alaizia for letting me steal his picture without permission

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SSI_DarthReaper4500 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 14th Jul 2014
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 79
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I see, what you did there

I dont want to brag, but i have almost every weapon and all warframes in this game, so i can bring what's needed to every possible group. For example frost for defense etc. (yeah, i dont trust other frost in potato alerts or voids and so on... (vaubans too etc.))

My favorite (consider as main) loadout is:
Frame - Rhino prime (Iron Skin POWAAAA) - 1110 shields, 740 hp - almost nothing can stop me (and i like it!).

Primary - Boltor prime - really favorite gun, liked the "common" variant right on start (reminds me good old days with F.E.A.R. - there was also excelent nail gun - "nailing to the wall, head first" ).

Secondary - Lex prime (common version was gr8 for one (head) hit to poor grineers, when i started playing while ago. But now i mostly use Brakk, which i finally get from G3 (after a looooooooong hunting) and its so awesome gun! Only disadvantage is using it on long range = very low dmg, but on mosts missions, it still counts.

Mellee - well most i like Fang prime - quick, deadly (against everything), good copter. Nothing more to say, but most of my collection of weapons from warframe are mellee weapons, so i can chooose from variety of effects (dmg and elements), aoe or coptering.

My favorite elemnts are Blast (fire+freeze dmg) - good for CC and give you enough time to "strategic retreat" from most foes + not much reduction of dmg to most enemy types
and Corrosive (electricity + poison) - ancients and most of void enemies just die so fast with this combo.
I use this types on almost every weapon, cause i have all the events (elemental dmg + status chance) mods and seems like ideal combination for me and myself.

In U14 i enjoyed playing Mirage as well, she's good with combination of Ogris/Penta (which both are deadly enough) or with Angstrum - i mostly xped her on Sechura, where i found good and lonely place somewhere far above to shoot things around cryopod or at spawnpoints.

Uhm even when my white (with few light brown spots) female raksa kubrow Ashley is on rank 30 and wilde (tried the scavenge and howl mods, but its more useless (and also buggy) for me + cant get Bite mods by farming (first i got from transmute i sold for 200p when it wasnt on drop list) and strong due to the "link mods," i put her in statis and switched back to my Carrier, so i dont need to search every corner for the loot ( also good in survivals - i can fight, while carrier grabs every oxigen dropped by enemy). At this time, i am waiting for my (yeah another female) sunika to mature - she's named Taira and she's all gray with few light brown spots (almost just like Ash - weird fur pattern, cant wait for "scramble" again, which they took out before Ash was even born). I hope she can be better asset in combat, or i switch back to carrier again, it's sleeper gun is also powerfull shotgun due to the few (double) nightmare mods (same as my Phage).

Whooah, that was long. Oh and i am sorry for my english, which isnt my born language and nor learned at school - games/movies/tv series + google translator xD

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Just Darth Reaper. Other 4499 aren't significant.

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SharkWithALaserBeam 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 13th Jan 2014
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volt is my main. i gotta go fastttttttttttt. vroom vroom.

Support Nyx is my close second.

Saryn is my other main because shes pretty nuff said. also her molt fart spam is funny.

Frost is fourth. because hes a big teddy bear essentially.

Nekros because hes robot devil (futurama ftw)
For the most part i play support role, I.E. nekros in a survival/farm. It just depends on what my squad is running and what game mode and difficulty. since i have everything in the game and r16 i usually just tend to help out the newbies i suppose im balanced all around.

favorite guns are amprex, boltor prime, vectis with a marelok sidearm makes me feel like a legit sniper, Hek < 3333, Burston Prime, and both detron/brakk.

Melees: ichors, orthos prime

everything is max dps btw. because you know
oh and everything must have the scheme color blueeeeeeeeeeee. sometimes i mix it with orange my second favorite color and sometimes with lime/neon green ^.^

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Legend 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
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dat length.

If im boss hunting paris prime all day everyday for the 1 shots.

If not and its a high tier mission boltor p :3

secondarys and melee doesnt really matter to me but i love my orthos prime and brakk (that dog shit looking thing that craps on people)

ill update my post later if you guys want builds etc.

Round and round the wheel of life goes... where it stops nobody knows... but theres one thing i do know... and it's that i'll be happy where ever i go...

Liu_Cypher 1st Aug 2014

Joined: 31st Jul 2014
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I have 3 main frames currently.

Loki Prime with Boltor P & Dual Ichor used for soloing and assassinations.

Nekros with Soma & Dragon Nikana for farming good old Kubrow stuff.

Vaub with Boltor P, and Dragon Nikana for farming credits and doing void defenses.

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Naos7 2nd Aug 2014

Joined: 23rd Jun 2014
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Loki Prime (corrupt Build ) , Braton Prime , or Boltor Prime 3 Forma Soma (primary)
                                           Akstelleto (secondary )
                                          Orthos Prime (Melee)
Head Hunting with Dread is cool . Knock em off

Mag Prime (corrupt) For Corpus , and trolling with pull with kill hounds lol. (tis fun to Yank as they are going in for the Kill )
  Mirage is great all around . ODD , Hall of mirrors , and Penta wreck face .

 With Squishy squad I like to Use Rhino Prime , and he is kinda good at everything.

   Just Got Neckros , and  things are looking good.

  Save da PAPA SLIMMER OLD DUDE , lol  


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I am a real alien .

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