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Inosion 5th Sep 2014

Joined: 31st Aug 2014
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Simple question I've seen the things about teamspeak/ Raidcall (I currently use raidcall).  
I was wondering if there were any chat channels dedicated to music.  Where sharks could just join in for music.  I'd be up for hosting that lol.  In raidcall they have a "Music room"" where members can rotate playing music, or have whoever they like playing it to just play. ... idk a random thought =S.

I was gonna post what i listen too but... I dunno

if you think itd be kinda cool, enjoy this amazing youtube video.

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SSI_DaddySlimer 5th Sep 2014

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
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We did use for a little while. It was a solid little community for those with a shared interest. My music tastes were radically different to others but other players enjoyed it.

I can't see a problem having a music channel within raidcall.

Just out of interest, what's your music?

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SantaElektron 5th Sep 2014

Joined: 14th Aug 2013
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That is not our DJ community anymore, I think it was overtaken by them. Well I finally went on Raidcall and added one as well as other rooms now. Might as well try attempt #3 or 4 on Raidcall xD

Here is our new DJ community if you just want music only and probably better quality: ... 69306443020

^Credit to tlk742

Last Edit: 5th Sep 2014 by SantaElektron
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