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Nyx is one love <3
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Do you like Nyx prime helm?

Yeah, love it!
It's okay
Hell, no!

Neorlin 23rd Apr 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
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Honestly, i don't know why Nyx is underestimated. I think she is one of the best. Original Nyx has a problem with armor but the prime version has 65, wich is a bit low but enough. In general, her stats are okay, but abilities. Oh my, the abilities is where she shines:

1.Mind Control: Damn that mind control is good. It has so much utility. Grab dat eximus for dem buffs, take that shield ospray for those frikkin' shields, kinda isolate certain enemies from the fight. Also, you can take that augment for increase of damage of you slave.
Summary: awesome

2.Psychic Bolts: Well, that's a meh skill. The only use of it i found is low level missions as it's the only real damaging ability you have. Slash procs are good (especially headshot ones). Taking augment makes it a bit more useful but would you when you have you all swag chaos?
Summary: meh

3.Chaos: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. This skill. This damn skill. Imo, that's the best ability in the game.
Not very effective at start but, God, how it shines later. Stun + (kinda)mind control + huge aoe and all this package for only 75 energy? That's a deal, give me two plz.
Summary: So awesome i came

4.Absorb: Someone can think that it's mediocre ult. I will say that it is versatile
It helps you to protect someone when they revive an ally, you can be instead of a frosts snowglobe, as energy costs of absorb is sooooo low. You can use it to go afk, you can use it when yo need to write something in chat. Run out of shields? Press dat ult and regen those bastards for ages
Summary: awesome

In my opinion nyx is a good control frame with her chaos. Also, good enough for solo.
Your opinions?
Last Edit: 23rd Apr 2015 by Neorlin
MoonMoon 23rd Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 496
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I think Nyx is not really loved because she's outclassed by other frames in most things and the few she excels in are not that great.

Wall of text, if you want to know details why i think so:
Mind control is nice utility, but you can, for example, get shield ospreys as gear.

Chaos is meh CC as you cannot recast this ability until all affected enemies die and the "we're in FFA now bois" is not really reliable, enemies may still kill you if you're low hp and the RNGesus is being moody. Also, it takes really long for enemies to kill each other in higher levels, where CC is important.

Absorb, one of the few skills in the game i really love. I was still low level when i played warframe with my IRL friends and we did Jackal, a long time ago. His missiles could wipe us all in one salvo, but i blocked them with very short absorbs. The feeling was incredible, but it's actual worth is.. well... borderline lackluster. Damage is not bad if fellow tenno help you, range on it's explosion is meh. And if you're taking Nyx so you can regen shields or to help a dying Tenno, you're doing it wrong.

As a control frame, she's just ok. As a solo frame? In theory it's nice, in practice not so much. Too many frames can be insane at soloing to call her good.

As you can clearly see, Nyx is just too average in everything she does. It was a nice feeling playing her, but that's about it. If Warframe was a lot harder and challenging, Chaos + Absorb would make her top tier frame.

Last Edit: 23rd Apr 2015 by MoonMoon
Neorlin 23rd Apr 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 152
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I use + max range - duration on Nyx so i can cast Chaos a lot. And i just think that she is better at control than nova. With upgraded range chaos aoe is insane so i think she can be picked instead of nova in raid, for example
MoonMoon 23rd Apr 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 496
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Rambling continues!

Again, range on Nyx's chaos is... average 25m. With maxed range it's somewhat above 50m, as 90% of all other abilities. With minimal duration the recast time is ~6-8 seconds? That's not something you want to have on your main CC ablility. Also, with -duration you constantly need to reapply your mind control.

And taking nyx to a raid, well sorry, but i actually snorted. Nova is in the raid to make tunnels through doors and slow down enemies that somehow didn't get CC'd. M Prime slows everyone on the map to a crawl and there's no escaping that wave spam.

You could compare her to Loki if you're taking her for chaos, but Nyx can't copter around the 2nd phase of the raid and spam Disarm, her Chaos can't cover the entire arena and you have to wait till it wears off to reapply it in a different place. Bringing her as a CC frame is a no-no (prodsticks + floating men is enough most of the time).

Her only saving grace is being good at holding buttons, but there are other frames with that ability that also have other uses.  Still, invincibility helps versus Scorpions and random airstrikes during the raid so again, it's just plain ok.

Nyx could work in many squad compositions (raid as a dedicated button holder?) and i definitely won't tell anyone to switch from it, ever. If you like playing her, continue to do so and you'll do better than most. Warframe is a good game and you're in a great community, make the best of it and enjoy yourself.

Last Edit: 23rd Apr 2015 by MoonMoon
VeronikaStripper 24th Apr 2015

Joined: 22nd Aug 2014
Rank: Whale Shark
Posts: 12
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I feel that Nyx is the most well rounded frame in the game. There are also a few other applications for Nyx's Absorb. I will list a few of the uses that I find for absorb.

1. Shielding a downed ally to allow another to rezz them in safety.
2. Shield a cryopod.
3. Massive damage when working with friends to shoot your bubble for large amounts of damage.
4. Quick casting absorb, and casting it again for an instant aoe knockback.
5. Going afk
6. Air stalling. Having the ability to leap into action some where or even wall run and make a crazy jump, and then stall yourself in midair can be useful. Scouting out the area from up high, or jumping off a cliff and stalling yourself just out of reach, and acting like a living decoy for your team to get to safety(used this many times when oxygen ran out on survival mission, most of the enemies stayed with me instead of chasing after my 5 health friends)

I'm sure there are some more, but this is possibly one of the most versatile skills in the game.

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