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Official lore or Warframe?
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Jenna3 16th Jul 2015

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Saw other post mentioning that we don't have much lore to go on when it comes to Warframe. And I started to wonder, has they announced any more lore since the update 13 or something? One of the reason I quit Warframe back then was that I had everything attainable and there were no story to keep me hooked up.

What I recall about the little we know, Orokin were the ye' olde race of humans. Then came Sentients who wanted our lunch money and war ensued. Orokin were losing so they created infested as a weapon to battle sentients and utilizied special Orokin people who were able to control infestation in themselves by giving them Warframes and calling them Tennos. Nevertheless, Orokin lost to Sentients, or infestation ate them and Tenno's were left. Sentients at I believe got eaten by infestation (ancients I quess are infested sentients)

Then Tenno's went into cryo, waiting for better times and world continued. Grineer's, slaves of someone, got their freedom and rouse to power with extreme gene and cybernetic modding. Meanwhile Corpus gained power throu money, thou I have no idea of Corpus' history.

As the Galaxy fell into war and chaos, Lotus, guardian of Tenno's perhaps, had enough and decided to make Tenno's come back.

...That's sum's it up about the lore I know. Anyone knows any better or more accurate? Orokin culture, history, look of Sentients, their origin or maybe more about grineer and their twin queens or corpus' history?

EDIT: Oh, if anyone has good source or anything, maybe bin it to top of forums so it won't get lost to trolls?
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ayugamex 16th Jul 2015

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Warframe's lore is scattered over the official Forum and Codex. As far as i know of and most articles on lore in wiki are copy-paste from codex. I doubt there's a comprehensive 'Lore for dummies' compendium other than wiki.

But ton of lorecrafters on the interwebs google is your best friend 

click for search

QuoteQuestion is, is there any way ayu can "help" him?

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IxaoEclipse 16th Jul 2015

Joined: 5th Oct 2014
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I know most of the lore-related stuff, asides from Simaris' things since I'm too lazy to do all that, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

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LuxLo 17th Jul 2015

Joined: 14th Oct 2014
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This. ^ Except I've read all of Simaris's logs twice.

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