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SSI_Protocol 10th Nov 2015

Joined: 9th Dec 2014
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
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Hello sharks!

If you are reading this, then there's a great chance you created an account here. If not, then I would highly recommend you do so, so that you may bring your interaction to a whole new level here in the forums. 

While I saw playing around customizing my profile and profile page. I immediately noticed that I could include my own profile banner.

Many test and trails, and countless uploads (okay maybe around 9-10). I came to conclusion that the best aspect ratio and resolution for a profile banner was:

Aspect ratio: 4 x 1

Resolution 1100 x 275

If someone finds better numbers, then I more than encourage you to share. After all, that's the great part of the forums!

"The King always has one last move!" -Jentezen Franklin

Last Edit: 10th Nov 2015 by SSI_Protocol
Neorlin 11th Nov 2015

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 152
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Your banner seems a bit stretched sideways
SSI_Protocol 11th Nov 2015

Joined: 9th Dec 2014
Rank: Leader/Bull shark
Posts: 268
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@Neolin yeah, I didn't feel like recreating the image. So I took the original and stretched it out to fit in the border constraints. But my numbers still do hold.

"The King always has one last move!" -Jentezen Franklin

Revan 20th Nov 2015

Joined: 8th Aug 2015
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 35
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Check mine
You don't actually need specific resolution, just big wide image, because you can drag and adjust your banner as you wish.

P.S. I have one high resolution shark wallpaper saved in my vault. I might share it to some shark lover ;P

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"I did not expect you to return." ―The Sith Emperor

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