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Tales from WF Support! (In need of clarification)
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Boomsledge 28th May 2015

Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
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I only intend you to read this and lemme know what you think of it from your past WF Support experiences (if you have any).

Date: May 3rd, 2015....

I sent this over to WF Support

" Boomsledge
May 03, 2015 14:01
60 Min T3 survival.
Squad: Boomsledge, ayugamex, psysny, SSI_Death-Proxy
Everyone died, don't remember if they revived or not.
I was the only one at extraction point.
I revived and we got extracted immediately(from that, I can assume all else were dead.)
When I got into the liset at extraction, I got pic 0354(Attached)
So yes, I only got credit rewards yet everyone else got all the drops. Picture 0000-0006 were provided to me by ayugamex. Too bad we didn't get the prime parts pr components pictures.
From what I've seen and heard: 1x Bo BP, 1x Ember Prime Helm BP, 1x Fang Prime bp,, 2x Fang Prime blades, 2x Forma Blueprint, 9 Gold Fusion Cores, 10 Argon Crystals and some other stuff.
I dunno what to say here. Do I ask for the drops to be sent to my inventory or do I forget about them?
Hopefully someone'll get back to me at the earliest of conveniences.
Many thanks in advance.

3 weeks and sometime later....

Yesterday at 01:43
Hi Boomsledge,
Sorry for the delay in responding to you.
I've looked up the mission according to the information you provided and confirmed that you didn't get the rewards.
We can only restore one item so I have restored the Bo Prime BP to your inventory.

Thanks! "

  • If they restore drops, do they always restore any one item(mainly talking about prime parts)?
  • Are they at the liberty of choosing what item THEY would like to restore?
  • Are your experiences similar to this or inferior or superior?(As in if you did ask for support, did they restore it all or none at all?

Maybe they were swamped with work, maybe they were too lazy.
In any case lemme know what you think of this, sharks.
MoonMoon 28th May 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Rank: General/Great White
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My only support experiences were with reporting bugs and indeed it took at least 3 weeks to get a proper response (i do get the notification that it was seen by someone in 3-4 days).

I assume the long delay is caused by the fact he has to pull a lot of strings in order to check which mission was yours (imagine how many missions are going at once at any given time) and if you're speaking the truth. The usual support guy probably doesn't have immediate access to mission logs so it's passed from one person to the next and thus the 3 weeks delay.

Usually if i lose items i just ignore it and go on, bugs happen. Still, this is a learning experience and if I lose Loki Systems, I will at least know what to write in the support message.

PS. Imagine losing loki systems and the support recovers you forma bp

Last Edit: 28th May 2015 by MoonMoon
Boomsledge 28th May 2015

Joined: 10th Mar 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 35
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I got 3 loki systs,.............blessed am I!
SSI_DaddySlimer 28th May 2015

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
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I put in a three support tickets.

One was to restore a sold item, resolved.

Second was a missing Bo Prime Ornament (on day of release so had no idea how common they would be), I was told that I did get the reward and it was left like that (I didnt get it)

Third was a Raid Reward, and I was asked which ONE item I wanted restored. Obviously the arcane which was returned. So I was asked, and I did get it.

I'd just move on, they have a hard job keeping up and you will get it all eventually without a fuss

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Feel free to add me on Steam - ... /id/slimer

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