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The fall
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SSI_Protocol 7th Jul 2015

Joined: 9th Dec 2014
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These were the words that describe the fallen squid kingdom. The sharks laugh at us while we gasp for our last breath. They have eaten our commrades before our very eyes. The horrific squeal and screams of of our friends as the sharp shark teeth pierce through our skin, still to this day it haunts me. I was there watching, watching helplessly, see that there was nothing that I could do. I barely had the strength to stand, let alone stand for to toe with such a powerful shark as a megalodon. As the sound of all the morning died down, there it was. The realization that I could not beat them. That I was alone. The last of my kind. Spared to only remember the tragedy.

The Squids were defeated.

Or at least, as so I thought. There standing before me were two glowing armored Squids that I never seen. By the touch of a hand, LegendsCreed restored my taxed body, healing me of all wounds, and renewed my strength. As the the second golden plated squid gently laud her hand on my head, she transformed my mind. Wolfie gave me new hope for our races survival. Her soft and comforting voice soothed and calmed me, freeing my off all worries and doubts. They both looked at each other, then to me. Then the both kneeled before me, proclaiming me as their king. 

I knew with these two powerful beings at my side, we will take vengeance on what those sharks did to us. 

"The King always has one last move!" -Jentezen Franklin

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MoonMoon 8th Jul 2015

Joined: 10th Feb 2015
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So first i hear i'm a Queen and now my abilities are basically a power of hope. Thanks the squid gods i'm at least golden plated, not pink

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Doforcash 8th Jul 2015

Joined: 25th Mar 2014
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- Protocol is a squid
- He has a kingdom
- A Gangster of Sharks beat up his kingdom (weakling)
- #Rekt
- Protocol barely make out alive
- 2 Stranger squid appear
- Legend and Woffie save his life
- They Votr him for president
- Cuz squid reason
- Now he has a 3 man kingdom
- lik if u cri evetime
- am i famous yet ?

Signature Picture

big thank to Alaizia for letting me steal his picture without permission

Shiditso 8th Jul 2015

Joined: 26th Dec 2014
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Squid... Squid... Squid... I hear squid, and all I can think of is this dude:

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