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Rule of Lightning
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SantaElektron 30th Oct 2015

Joined: 14th Aug 2013
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As some of you are well aware, a few of our Warlords and Generals left the clan recently which leaves a huge gap in this clan’s leadership. Rather than sit there and pick new warlords to fill their roles, I’ve decided to step up and become the de facto leader until further notice. Thus, I have decided to change and implement some new rules and responsibilities to reflect our “casual” nature. Some of you probably won’t agree with everything I say, but regardless of opinions these changes are FINAL. 
So like Warframe and their updates, here are my patch notes to this clan:

• Changed the rules to include the term “excessive”, as I felt we might have been a little too hard on you guys. No longer will you be banned or given strike for slipping up once and swearing for the first time. Though, if you continue and repeatedly swear within a short time span, especially when someone (regardless of rank) feels uncomfortable and tells you to “please stop”, then a strike will be given.
• Removed the rule stating: “DO NOT cheat or use exploits on the obstacle course.” Because I don’t care about it. Simple.
• Increased the days of inactivity:
• 30 for Gummies
• 35 for Tiger
• 40 for Hammerhead
• 60 for all officers

Strikes and Banning:
• New era of leadership so blank slate for everyone, except those who were kicked.
• Officers will be required to provide screenshots of the offense and the warning given to the offender. NO MORE shadow-banning. I want to make sure the person knows he has a strike. NO screenshots, NO strike.

Ranks and Officers:
• Hammerhead requirements now increased. Rather than just be Mastery Rank 10, but you also you need to have at least 200 hours in the game (Not Steam hours). NO more “Draco Power-Levelers” getting Hammerhead. Also, a screenshot is required and be posted here on the forum to be promoted. Current Hammerheads will keep their rank.
• Removed the ability for officers being able to promote people to their own rank. All promotions will be given by me personally.
• 4 new vacancies for the rank of Great White has opened up. 2 players from NA and 2 players from EU will be promoted within the following week. I will personally pick them.
• Will also promote some new Bull Sharks while I’m at it.

Dojo and Shark of Month:
• Currently, the Shark of the Month award is only a title and nothing more. So I’ve decided that starting next month I will be using the top reactor floor in our dojo as sort of the “Hall of Fame” floor. Anyone who wins the “Shark of the Month” title will be a given a reactor room to commemorate their title and leave their mark in our clan’s history via our dojo. Under my supervision, I will give temporary “Architect” powers to the winner so they can color and add decorations.

*Additions and changes will be made should I feel like it 

^Credit to tlk742

Last Edit: 30th Oct 2015 by SSI_Guko
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