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Hello From Kiwi
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Pur3kiwi 27th Aug 2016

Joined: 23rd Aug 2016
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
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Hello I'm Pur3kiwi

Hello I'm new to Warframe and the clan . I live in Invercargill / New Zealand .

I got sick of survival games and Warframe jumped out at me for some reason i had seen it a lot in the top played list but never really gave it a thought.

As i am still pretty new i really don't have much clue on certain things . I watched some youtube videos from Tactical Potato . But for the most part I'm winging it .

Leveling Mag ( 24 ) . And Primary Karak . Mastery level 3

Feel free to hit me up in game.
Baelfire11 28th Aug 2016

Joined: 11th Jul 2016
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 13
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heya welcome to warframe i hope you enjoy this game and if u ever need any help just ask us in the clan chat

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Shiditso 28th Aug 2016

Joined: 26th Dec 2014
Rank: General/Great White
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Welcome to the clan and to the forums! As was mentioned, feel free to ask either here, in clan chat, or on our Discord channel ( ... X7KCB71JiL) if you have any questions, or if you just want to hand out. I'll say that, while I originally came for the game, I stayed because of the SSI community. Look forward to playing with you!

Oh, and stay away from Erebus. Even though you're both Kiwis, he's... weird.

Last Edit: 28th Aug 2016 by Shiditso
SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 28th Aug 2016

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
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Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

PineAppleSprite 28th Aug 2016

Joined: 31st Aug 2015
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 14
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Another kiwi?! Please tell me you're not an Erebus clone... lmao
k now I digress; welcome to le shark tank! Hope you have some fun times here 

gimme money pls

Lord Of Erebus 29th Aug 2016

Joined: 13th Sep 2015
Rank: General/Great White
Posts: 182
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kiwi? and ANOTHA ONE. ... L.gif



Forum » Clan Business » Introductions
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