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I could've sworn I made an account before ._.
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Ravtek 1st May 2014

Joined: 1st May 2014
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Posts: 5
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Hey folks, just an old Bull Shark, joined the clan a couple months back when our clan site was on an older forum site, I still remember the days before Balerion was a great big Megaladon and we used to run Kappa a bunch and Xini when it was still overrun by infested *tears*.

Nowadays I log in for the new content, and I usually just like to read the clan chat, and see how the community is doing. I rarely talk because the only thing that comes out of my mouth is theorycrafting, and no one wants to hear that kind of poo (not even myself sometimes).

Seeing this clan grow was definitely a cool thing to see, and seeing some of the same old clan members from back then gives a sort of nostalgic feel sometimes, so that's also cool.

And to all the new Sharks that have actually joined the forum and are reading this post, feel free to ask me any questions about the game, it's the least I could do, and welcome to the Shark tank.

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SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 1st May 2014

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 947
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Welcome back .

we did a cleanup of members who were inactive for 100 days on this forum.

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

Kawumm 1st May 2014

Joined: 13th Apr 2014
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 82
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Hey Ravtek welcome back, good old Xini days i miss them too : )

tlk742 1st May 2014

Joined: 6th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
Posts: 436
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but do you remember dojo layout v1?

Also welcome back

SharkWithALaserBeam 1st May 2014

Joined: 13th Jan 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 109
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hello there!

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Ravtek 1st May 2014

Joined: 1st May 2014
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Posts: 5
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Oh okay, that makes sense if accounts get deleted after being inactive for 100 days.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

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Last Edit: 1st May 2014 by Ravtek
Ravtek 1st May 2014

Joined: 1st May 2014
Rank: --
Posts: 5
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Thanks! And yes I do remember dojo layout V1 lol.

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INAC 2nd May 2014

Joined: 7th Aug 2013
Rank: Whale Shark
Posts: 24
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Welcome back . It's been forever.
Legend 2nd May 2014

Joined: 9th Apr 2014
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Posts: 1258
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:3 hia

Round and round the wheel of life goes... where it stops nobody knows... but theres one thing i do know... and it's that i'll be happy where ever i go...

Hasu-me 2nd May 2014

Joined: 20th Nov 2013
Rank: Soldier/Tiger shark
Posts: 337
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*bows down*

*throws smoke-bomb*

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