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Yeah, I am the Daddy, I guess. (EU)
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SSI_DaddySlimer 12th Dec 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
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Ruthlessly recruited by ConcretePie I was a wandering Ronin, randomly killing things for unrelated items.

Approaching Mastery 14 with no affinity boosters and lots of hard slog. I came in around Update 6 or 7? I forget because I am of advancing years!

When Clans started I joined a top 5 which was an international clan, seeking some personal connections I joined a UK clan which was so quiet that I saw only 2 other people on maximum. I had a great time with ConcretePie in Kiste so thought I would give you guys a go. I don't want to clan hop.

Primary frames vary between Rhino, Trinity an Saryn although I have all the others on the shelf if needed.

Am frustrated with very low level non-english speaking PUGs so hope to group up with some clanmates and do all the things you need to do. I have no targets (other than Ember Prime I guess) so am very much in a helper role!

Get me in-game and get me working ! I look forward to it.

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Feel free to add me on Steam - ... /id/slimer

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Balerion84 12th Dec 2013

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
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Welcome to the sharks, mate

SSI_GG (on PS4 - B6E6L6I) 12th Dec 2013

Joined: 5th Aug 2013
Rank: Warlord/Megalodon
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Welcome. I like your primary frames
And here we speak only english in clan chat and on this forum. Again welcome and pm me when Im ingame so we can play and pew pew some mobs.

Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

SSI_DaddySlimer 17th Dec 2013

Joined: 12th Dec 2013
Rank: Sage/Hammerhead
Posts: 1374
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Awesome, my new theme song.

All the bitches stand in line. Waiting for my fright night..... Sounds like me. 

I'm not up with modern music but know there are two very different Lordies out there so I pressed play with trepidation.

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Feel free to add me on Steam - ... /id/slimer

GIMO 17th Dec 2013

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
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AKA: DaddyKen

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Exiled Protocol 6th Jul 2015

Joined: 9th Dec 2014
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This is pretty cool looking back on Megalodon's introductions. Welcome to the sharkhood!

Christian, Conservative, Republican — In that order.

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