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Weird problem.
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MoonMoon 25th Aug 2015

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So these few days i have been kinda inactive - we've had a small celebration of my friend's birthday (4 days long, whoops).

I'm not sure how to start, so i'll try to explain how does my PC masterrace look - big black box with open USB ports facing upwards (perfect description, i know). These additional ports are very handy for pendrives and other devices i could possibly want to plug out in the near future and i love them, but i always feared what would happen were i to spill something on them. You can slowly see where i'm heading to, right?

To put it bluntly, i woke up one day to see my glorious black box in PUKE.

Fast forward few days later, i'm fairly sure my PC survived the party without any major setbacks, but one of my ports is malfunctioning. At random points in time i get the message "USB device not recognized" with an annoying beep sound.

I tried to disable the port through device manager, but it didn't work. I could turn off notifications, but i would prefer to deal with the problem instead of ignoring it.

Sadly, i'm more of a software guy when it comes to PC's, so i'm asking you guys - do we have any space engineer sharks willing to help me with my slightly gross problem?

SSI_DaddySlimer 25th Aug 2015

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Pull the connectors off the main board. I assume these ports are case mounted rather than the motherboard ones that stick through the back.

You may find the 'fluid' will dry and you can reconnect them at a later time.

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25th Aug 2015

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GDS is right. Or, you can unmount your existing usb-ports-rack and use a new one of the same size.

This is the connector GDS is talking about if it's a usb2.

This is what you could see if you use usb3. Always do this kind of things with your pc off and unplugged.
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Evan_ 25th Aug 2015

Joined: 5th Aug 2015
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Yup, disconnecting it from the dasboard is definately the first step.

But at this point we need more info about the exact composition of the vomit in question. In theory if it only consists of pure alcohol and muriatic acid from the stomach, it should make the USB slots only cleaner after drying.

But in practice, only very dedicated people drink the purest alcohol available. Sadly (from your point of view anyways), people often chose to drink alcoholic beverages instead - like, beer, vine and whatnot. Those may contail sugar, or even worse. Not to mention that people often use their stomach for ingesting various kinds of solid sustainance.

Now chances are that it isn't only fluid that's in your USB ports, but various other organic residue too. That won't just sublimate - you'll need to clean it methodically. Ironically, alcohol is an ideal substance for that purpose (note: pure one, not some alchoholic beverage). For many people, it's just less of a hassle to replace the said hardware. I'd say the chance of it to work again is pretty slim.

But if you decide to attempt a cleanup anyways, make sure it's -completely- dried before reconnecting it. Fluid and electricity don't mix well (to be precise - it mixes too well), so if the machine was powered when the puke hit, you're kinda' lucky if it's the only piece of hardware that feels ill.

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