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what's your MBTI personality?
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tlk742 6th Mar 2016

Joined: 6th Aug 2013
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Lord Of Erebus 7th Mar 2016

Joined: 13th Sep 2015
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my idea btw . if you can't be bothered looking at the results there:

INTP-A: Lord_Of_Erebus, Caligula, LuxLo, CakeWorm, MoonMoon
INTP-T: alid610
INTJ-A: Jellytoad, Huntragon, Jharmain, Captain_Teenno, RevanReborn
ENTP-T: blackjackal13
ENTJ-A: PerryTPlaty

INFJ-A: MetalBayG2
INFJ-T: Brandon
INFP-A: Pure_Winner
INFP-T: Warriorrogue
ENFP-A: Vaarden
ENFP-T: tlk742, XtheMATTX

ISFJ-A: Noobverest, DarthReaper4500
ISFJ-T: GravesTheOutlaw
ISTJ-A: Oj>Ice
ESFJ-A: Protocol

ISTP-A: ColaDeTigre
ESFP-A: Weaponire

oh and by the way in the results table, if you click the tab at the bottom that says "pivot table" it basically gives a more statistical view.

interestingly enough, in my fancy ass INTP premium profile, it says: Furthermore, INTPs are significantly over-represented in the virtual world, often accounting for 25% or more of the participants in a specific forum or community site (e.g. which is holding up so far.


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Balerion84 7th Mar 2016

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
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I think I got a different result last time I tried one of these, not sure, can't remember what it was that time.


(I do like to make tests like these though, I think they are fun )

Last Edit: 7th Mar 2016 by Balerion84
Neorlin 8th Mar 2016

Joined: 13th Apr 2015
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Well, that's probably true
Lord Of Erebus 8th Mar 2016

Joined: 13th Sep 2015
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I would watch Balerion's video, but um...Shitty 6GB monthly data limit doesn't like that.

Anyway yeah, I found mine really accurate. I've got the premium profile for INTP and INFJ if anyone wants either. I read all of the INTP profile and almost all of it was very relevant and/or true about me. The only stuff that clearly didn't apply to me was the typical career types and maybe romantic relationships. I barely read the romantic relationships section though, because I dun care. xD

That being said, they're just generalizations which can all be changed over time. I should watch that video at some point anyway, but either way I found it really accurate. o.o


Balerion84 8th Mar 2016

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 1234
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The problem is, as they say in the video, that this test is very vague, like horoscopes, so the chance that people will find themselves in the results is really high. It also says only positive things, so people will feel good no matter which result they get.

So basically, this test is good fun, but it has no real value.
The answers to the questions have probably much higher value to a psychologist.

Lord Of Erebus 9th Mar 2016

Joined: 13th Sep 2015
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Posts: 182
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I really want to watch that video now, I'll do it soonTM. =/

Actually, I found my results really accurate. Especially the 170 page premium profile...

Horoscopes are really vague and most of mine doesn't even sound like me, hell naw. But I found the descriptions and stuff from 16personalities very accurate. And no, it doesn't just have heaps of wanking statements that are all positives. It lists out plenty of weaknesses and suggestions, etc. I actually noted down a bunch of the stuff with I thought was relevant to me and I ended up with 15 or 16 pages. I'll put a few of the more specific ones here for example. I wish there was a spoiler feature like on the Warframe forums so this isn't a big ass wall of text, but here goes:

In their opinion, the only good solution is the logical solution – INTPs do not see the point in using emotional arguments. This is one of the main reasons why INTPs usually find it difficult to relate to other people.

INTPs find it very difficult to handle romantic relationships, especially in their earliest stages. They are likely to be completely clueless when it comes to attracting a partner. The main reason behind this is that INTP personalities are both private and very rational – they find it difficult to understand the complex and often illogical social rituals that are considered part of the dating “game”, especially in Western societies.

INTPs may often come across as insensitive or be puzzled when it comes to dealing with an emotionally-charged situation. While the INTP’s statements may be rational and completely correct, they may not take into account another person’s emotional state, background, or individual circumstances.

INTP personalities do not respect rules or regulations just because they are there; they need to be confident that those restrictions make sense. Consequently, INTPs strongly dislike environments that are built on blind obedience, traditions or respect for authority.

INTPs often say that the best thing about their job, whatever it may be, is using creativity to find and solve problems related to various systemic issues. In other words, people with this personality type tend to be less interested in why entry #319 in the accounting journal contains incorrect information; they ask why the system is not good enough to pick this up automatically. INTPs are the ultimate architects and organizers, and this is not some kind of a feel-good overstatement.

It's also got a bunch of different categories. Parenting, academic path, careers, romantic relationships, friendships, etc. So, it's actually pretty detailed and not just full of wanking feel-good statements as one would expect.


Balerion84 9th Mar 2016

Joined: 11th Aug 2013
Rank: Administrator
Posts: 1234
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I can find myself pretty well in your result, just as I can find myself in the result that I got (which was different to yours).

The test was created by people who were not psychologists. It's based on a hypothesis by C. Jung who came with the idea of people belonging to a certain type but he said, that in reality, every person is an exception to this rules.

Sorry to burst your bubble But the test is as good as a horoscope. (Ok I might be exaggerating a bit, but the point stands )

QuoteINTPs are the ultimate architects and organizers, and this is not some kind of a feel-good overstatement.
Yes, it is. All of the results have a positive spin on them.

https://www.psychologytod ... ti-the-fad-won-t-die
(he mentions Susan Cain and her book 'Quiet', which is a great book, and I'd recommend it to everyone) ... chochambers-28315137

P.S. A good description of MBTI I saw, is that it's basically a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is a good point. The fact that you fill the answers based on how you see yourself gives you the result that you want to get. So you shouldn't be surprised that you find the result matching with how you see yourself.

QuotePsychometric specialist Robert Hogan wrote that "Most personality psychologists regard the MBTI as little more than an elaborate Chinese fortune cookie..."[43]

And if psychologists are criticizing the test for 3 decades now, you know there's something wrong with it.

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Csirkekrem_Leves 9th Mar 2016

Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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